Thanksgiving Thursday

A great blogger, Amanda Nethero, posts every Thursday about all the wonderful things she is thankful for in that given week.  This is a brilliant way to slow down and find those things that happen in a single week to be grateful for.  Seems hard sometimes when there is the stress of bills, kids, holidays, families, sicknesses and so much more but once you take a second a sea of smiles come forth.  This is my first post on this topic but certainly won’t be my last. In no order (except the first one) are the things I am thankful for over the past week.

  1. my sweet girls who just turned 3
  2. ending the year with my family as we celebrate the twins 3rd birthday
  3. waking up in a beautiful home on Christmas morning with MY family
  4. the sweet face on our pit bull who has no idea she ever had the crap beat out of her
  5. a husband that works so hard to ensure that his family is happy and safe
  6. sisters and brothers who love me and my family
  7. a delicious blanket made with my sisters two hands
  8. a thoughtful “back-up” necklace from my sister because she knows, like the last two, that I will break this one also
  9. a conversation with my husbands grandmother on her 90th birthday
  10. a kick ass seafood Christmas dinner prepared by my husband
  11. parents who are super loving and involved
  12. a blog that some people love
  13. my health
  14. a fun ride on the train watching all the kids faces light up at the lights
  15. great pre-school teachers
  16. Stephanie and her friendship
  17. Tammy and her love
  18. Spending time with my nieces and nephews who are all so cute and healthy
  19. solid neighbors who care but don’t get too much in my business
  20. definitely not last my husband

I could go on and on.  It really is easy and makes you smile when you think about all the love you truly have.

Thanks Amanda!!

Happy 3rd birthday little L

happy 3rd birthday my H

getting ready for Christmas pajama day at school

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