Juicing it Up!

I’ve had this juicer for over 20 years (hand-me down from my sister) and it only gets used a couple times a year when I am reminded of what a pain in the butt it is to clean!

However with Steve’s arthritis, aging and just keeping up our energy I’ve brought it out again.  This time we are going strong.  It’s addicting.  It has been about 3 months and I feel great minus our cruise and holiday set back.

The best part is that the girls help me and without realizing it they are eating tons of the vegetables as they help me prepare.  They then dare each other to try it when it’s complete.  While they think it is gross they each get at least a sip or two which is loaded with enzymes so I am happy; dare away!

It took me a while to get the right mix that both Steve and I enjoyed.  Initially it involved grapefruit but that darn fruit messes with medications so I took that out and replaced with apples.

My go-to recipe is:

  • A large apple
  • 3/4 lemon
  • a couple handfuls of spinach
  • a few celery stalks
  • a few big carrots
  • about 3/4 cucumber

I pour mine over ice and drink; Steve chugs his.  The only thing is bacteria can grow pretty quickly so I think you have to drink within a few hours.

IMG_20130222_144533 IMG_20130222_144700 IMG_20130222_144908

New Years Resolutions

I have never really given much thought to resolutions but this year my list is long!  I don’t know why I am so excited to start a year fresh and full of hope but this is going to be our year.  Some of the foolish things on my list are:

  1. don’t yell at the kids
  2. don’t throw things at Steve
  3. don’t throw the kids at Steve
  4. don’t tell the girls Steve really isn’t their father and they should call him Steve and not Daddy
  5. don’t tell the girls I’m not Mommy
  6. don’t tell the girls I’m going to drop them off at the humane society with Sugar
  7. don’t tell the girls to suck it up when they fall head first off their new scooters
  8. don’t walk faster than the girls just to watch them freak out and start running
  9. don’t laugh when they drop their lolly pop, ice cream etc

OK I can’t go on.  None of these are true except the first one…well that’s not even true.  I think it’s impossible not to yell at your children when there is more than one and they are at the physical fighting age.  Sometimes the only way to break up a crying, screaming, hair pulling match is to just let out a big hearty STOP!

Now my unrealistic resolution list is the following:

  1. stay unemployed
  2. grow 3 inches
  3. win the lottery
  4. train both dogs to not run away so they can go on walks with the girls and me
  5. become an amazing cook (first step is to want to do it)
  6. want to be an amazing cook
  7. rewind the wrinkles so I look 27, that was a good year
  8. be able to drink an unlimited amount of Octoberfest or Grenache without getting wasted, feeling hung over, making an ass out of myself or having it age me
  9. ohh speaking of unlimited I would like to have an unlimited checking account

OK so they really aren’t resolutions but seriously I think I can train enough to make the majority of number 8 come true, might be able to pay for an awkward  number 7, 1 easy, 4 call Cesar but need 9 first.  Anyway the true list is as follows.

  1. be calmer, cool the temper
  2. eat cleaner, live cleaner ( super excited for this as we are removing all the color from my hair and I’m going all natural!)
  3. cook 3-4 times a week (nothing fancy)
  4. read more
  5. clean the edges on my crocheting
  6. spend more time with Steve
  7. less time watching TV
  8. have a baby
  9. make headway with turtlegurlz

I have learned that whenever I set goals I set them too broad.  This time Steve and I are in them together and we are taking baby steps.  I’m really excited!! I feel like we are just going to have a fantastic year!  I hope all of you are also!


PS I wrote this post earlier today however I must add that I hope my year, as well as all the people I love, have as sweet a night as I did.  After the kids were tucked in S, the dogs and I went to bed to watch Anderson count down.  By 11:00 the house was asleep except me, as usual.  I then heard the sounds I love to hear every night; L’s feet bringing her sleepiness to my bed.  It was 11:30.  About ten minutes later H woke up crying.  S went to calm her down but ended up bringing her to bed with us.  At midnight I looked around my big ol’ bed and my beautiful family was snuggled all up safe and sound.  I had to wake each of them to get my kiss.  I just felt really happy at that moment….