Rainy Days of Boredom

All the rain this past week has made us bored little ladies so we tackled a few inside jobs like organizing!

Not so exciting to little ones but they will come around; you’ll see.  Sometimes I catch little pockets of brilliant organizing totally uninitiated by me and I am thrilled to no end!

The puzzle box was getting carried away so we went through each puzzle, ditched ones missing pieces and donated the “baby” ones.

20130501_084613_resized_1 20130501_091015_resized_1 20130501_084631_resized

In addition I wanted some of my baskets back for the summer so we made a box into a temporary toy bin.  Of course it won’t last long but it will work and adds some summer flare to their playroom.  Plus I love getting the girls involved with crafts to get their creative juices flowing and hone in on their dexterity.

Next time I have to use a darker fabric or lighter box.  One side really shows through so that  side will always back up to the wall.

20130519_120337 20130519_120449 20130519_122120 20130519_160109

They are great little girls and love helping me with these “projects”…for the most part.  We had a hard time letting go of some clothes and stuffed animals but they graciously gave away a bunch of books.  I think the key to donating is little by little so as not to make them feel like they are loosing everything.

We are looking forward to some sunny and cloudy but NOT rainy weather for the rest of the week.  We knocked out chores today so we could enjoy!  How about YOU?

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