Do You Like These Smells Too?

Fantastic Smells

This is always fun and I’ve actually made a list before…here!  I love that Stasha is using some of my ideas; it’s always flattering.  So without delaying any longer let’s see how many you think are fantastic too!

  1. A FRESH pot of coffee brewing in the morning.  I can’t think of a better smell to wake up to.  It definitely tops morning breath even from a cute 4 year old.
  2. Tomato Plants- their leaves are so fragrant- even the slightest touch and your hands smell all day.
  3. That stupid Polo Blue for men, I’m still writing about it from my happy list.  I’m still rubbing that magazine sample all over me and the girls- buy a bottle?  That would make too much sense.
  4. This might sound gross but my husband after he’s been working- not his day job work but real man-work, like building something or chopping wood.  Hubba Hubba!
  5. My dog Bowie, rest his soul.  I saved his collar in a zip lock baggie to remind me of him and I know people think all dogs smell the same but they don’t.  I miss that guy 0129081812a
  6. Fresh bread baking
  7. Vanilla
  8. Fresh cut grass (this might be confusing because I love the sound of the lawn mower- it reminds me so much of my childhood- so not sure if it’s the smell or sound that pulls at my heart).
  9. My girls when they are clean; not sweaty.  They are big enough that their sweat is gross and no longer cute
  10. And of course- THE OCEAN

I went back and looked at my other list and it is very similar so I must really love these smells.   Link up if you will with the rest of the posse at Monday Listicles!

Ten Dumbest Purchases

I’ve made a bunch of dumb purchases but these seem to stand out the most.  I can’t wait until next week when we list up on what we are most proud of; sometimes it’s hard to talk about proud moments but it is so important to remember all the wonderful things, people, moments in life esp those you have accomplished or contributed to.

In the meantime this is my list!  Can you relate?

  1. Saturn Vue– suckiest vehicle ever! I bought the Vue because my first car was when Saturn’s first came out and that car was awesome!  It lasted forever, never had ANY issues and the service was great.  This time around; world of issues and terrible customer service…WORST!  Suck it Saturn; stick to being a planet!
  2. Zeno– seriously this was the most expensive zit zapper in the world and now it runs about 40 bucks.  Erg
  3. Car Warranty- need I saw more?
  4. All you can eat Chinese Buffet– eww gross to any buffet.  First I know I shouldn’t eat in cafeteria type atmospheres or in old folks homes; I get skived out super easy.  One wrong drool and I’m gagging.  The nastiness that comes with all you can eat has sealed the deal on me never attending those places again; I can’t even do a salad bar.  Sneeze guards, dirty hands, the seedy type that don’t have good hygiene to begin with visit these places; unfortunately my husband loves these all you can eat buffets. YUCK.  Not to mention I never get my monies worth; I fill up or gag out before I hit the $20 spot.
  5. Cheap toilet paper or recycled toilet paper– these are precious parts and you should stick to the best.  Enough said oh wait…recycled anything that goes on the va-ja-ja is n.a.s.t.y! Now I’m down with saving the planet but my regions are sacred and deserve the freshest.  Yeah yeah I know it’s not like there is still poop on the recycled stuff but it just sounds gross and dirty.  Now, enough said.
  6. Suga’– That’s my dog and at the very moment she has thrown up on our comforter.  So I took it off along with the sheets and threw it in the wash.  After making the bed again she runs up, jumps on the bed and throws up again directly on Steve and Lola (our other dog).  We are actually laughing hysterically because what a stinker!  Meanwhile her throw up smells like she was eating a big old pile of poop!  We are gagging and blocking off rooms because before the madness stopped she threw up about 10-12 times!  So at the moment she is a purchase that I wish to return.  (no I don’t, I still love her).
  7. Speaking of Suga’- Adopting a pit-bull with twin one year olds running around.  We couldn’t turn our back on her but we should have tried to find her another home.  Big puppies and babies don’t mix well for the patience, sleep, pocket and cleanliness of a home.
  8. McDonald’s mochaanything– Starbucks charges those prices for a reason.  ‘Nuff said.
  9. Cheap champagne– that is if you don’t plan on adding juice to it.
  10. Name brand diapers– the cheap ones esp from target (is it little one brand-can’t remember).  They work just as well and cost half as much.

Take a moment and let us hear about your dumbest purchases and/or visit the other wonderful lists at “The Good Life.”