Let’s Start Over…Seriously


I woke up to a frantic H, hitting me saying, “ Sugar puked your new carpet, Sugar puked on your new carpet.”

I jumped up and ran downstairs.  On my way, sprinting, to the laundry room for cleaner before the stain set, I slipped in pee!  Nearly busting my butt I screamed which caused a chain reaction from the girls.


In the laundry room I stripped out of my pants since the hem was soaked with urine and luckily there was another pair, non-pregnancy, sitting there so I squeezed into them.

I cleaned everything up, including the additional one by the back door and retreated to my bed to try to start this morning over.

Before my eyes could close I had to break up 3 fights, finally leading to a time out.   I told the girls not to come out of their room until I told them.

Between the 10 minutes of shut eye I did manage to get, H was nicely in her room following her orders while I heard a war of balloon hitting coming from L’s.  Someone has aggression issues.

I finally let them out of their rooms and tried once again to get a few more seconds of sleep.

This morning was shot when I felt a tapping on my shoulder and H was showing off her beautifully wet slicked back hair.

Two seconds later L came in with a soaking wet head as well.

There was nothing to do at this point.  I was all screamed out from yesterday and we are heading to Virginia in a few hours so I needed to change my attitude fast before I was trapped in a car with them for 3 hours.

The only thing I said was, “did you clean up the water that got on the floor?”  Because you know there has to be a ton of water somewhere.

H, with the sweetest smile, said, “No, mommy, we cleaned up the bench and the floor.  They both go really wet especially when L stuck her whole head in the sink and flipped it back. It was really funny.”

Dear ladies and gentlemen, this all happened before 8:45, ridiculous.  I am not a morning person and I thought my kids weren’t either.  I’m off to make a pot of coffee and pray this day turns around.

How did your morning start?

UPDATE: 10:47

L: when’s this lotion going to come out of my hair?

Me: what?

L: Daddy’s lotion (hair gel)

Me: I thought you only put water in your hair?

Then she rubs her head on my butt since I am doing the dishes and can’t cater to her immediately.  Now I have to shower them before we leave and change my pants….ERG!

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Terrible 2’s or Just Kids

I am going to rip my hair out with the fighting.  It is only 10:00 and the girls have been sent to their rooms twice and put in the corner twice as well.  I finally threatened no baby doll party with Daddy tonight if they keep it up.  Right now they are in their beds telling me they have to go pee-pee.  I hate that because I don’t know if it’s a trick or not.  For fear of an accident I allow H to go, I can hear her going actually, and I told L once Hr is back in bed she may go.  I recently polled my FB friends asking what is the most frustrating; whining, potty training, teaching to feed.  By far the number one choice is whining.  This morning however, I added sibling fighting.  Since my girls are not even three I can still remember quite vividly how awful each of these has been for us.   I can
remember crying at the wasted food they would throw all over the kitchen.  I am mostly finished with potty training but it still gets stressful when we are out and I fear they are going to have an accident in the middle of a birthday party or other social gathering.  I wonder if most parents are choosing whining because it is in our everyday life and something that doesn’t go away like teaching to feed, or potty training.  I
still rate feeding as one of the worst.  Potty training was absolutely terrible until I mentally prepared myself and then, although difficult, I didn’t lose my cool nearly as much as teaching to NOT waste and DIRTY my house by throwing food or the inevitable and constant whining and fighting.  As I write this article I hear noise from the bedroom.  I
investigate.  Hmm they have somehow in 60 seconds acquired numerous blankets, shoes and Leven has a drink.  Well I guess I’m going to lose today because I am just too worn out to keep fighting.  Thank God I have a shopping date tonight.

Tip o’ the Day: keep a special bowl in their bedroom to put little things they try to take to bed with the.  My girls are always taking bracelets or rubber balls. There is no fight when they put them in the bowl knowing they can get them out afterwards.