Best Holiday Ever

I love the fourth of July for many reasons.   It’s when my husband and I started “dating”,  my birthday is right around the corner, summer time which means everyone is vacationing and happy, fireworks,  parties, and of course FREEDOM!

Fifteen years ago, when Steve and I were living the most carefree life at the beach, we started our annual fourth of July parties.  They were a blast.  Sixty or so people deep on the huge gravel driveway, different theme every year and friends from all over would come.

I’d wake up in the morning in our tiny 800 square foot apartment and 11 bodies would be strewn about passed out cold.  I’d walk outside to start cleaning and more bodies would be out there.  How drunk do you have to be to pass out on gravel?

The parties would go into the early morning as friends played the bongos and stories of high school and college would pop out and the laughter and happiness was as thick as the hot sticky air.

Eventually those parties, 9 running, turned into small bbq’s at our home and eventually those turned into just a few friends and their kids.  And now we make our way to other people’s homes.

Every day the girls dart outside to play with the flag.  They take turns being the flag holder while the other one says the Pledge of Allegiance or sings This Land is My Land.  They put their hand over their heart and stare patriotically at the flag.  I am beyond thrilled that their school teaches them this with such pride; it makes me want to keep the 17 mini flags out year round.

Speaking of flags, I love putting out a thousand flags and finding adorable holiday outfits for the girls.  I love honoring our country and the men and women who protect our country.  I love, if only for a day, celebrating how wonderful America is.  I love that family and friends come together all day and the worries are gone.

I am grateful to live in such an amazing country and blessed that I get to celebrate with such amazing people!  God Bless America, Let Freedom Ring,  This Land is Your Land This Land is My Land, Amazing Grace, Hallelujah,  I Pledge Allegiance.