Sweet & Nutty Salad

I usually eat spinach instead of romaine mixes just because that’s my preference and I LOVE spinach.  However, Steve prefers the basic lettuces so we bought the mix.

I put together an easy, quick salad with minimal ingredients and can’t get enough of it.  It is an easy, sweet and nutty treat.

It’s simple, just:

  • lettuce
  • walnuts crushed up
  • hemp seeds (very nutty flavor)
  • raspberry vinaigrette (I should make my own really)
  • topped with crumbled goat cheese

001 002


Who doesn’t love a good slice of pizza?  Just because my baby girl is dairy-free doesn’t mean she should be banned from one of the world’s greatest food pleasures.

Here we custom made our pizzas.

  • My half is goat cheese, plum tomatoes, sliced black olives, basil, red onion while her side is pizza sauce and goat cheese.
  • We par baked Pillsbury Artisan Crust for about 10 minutes at 400
  • We thin piled our pizza high minus the basil and baked for another 10 minutes
  • About a minute before the pizza was cooked we sprinkled with the basil so it wouldn’t burn.
  • After it came out we drizzled honey on the crust

YUM YUM YUM!  I ate my half.  L added more honey and ate half of her half.