Just Making Sausage

If you have been here before then you might have heard me talk about Jamatoca Farm or The Farm.  It is one of my favorite places ever.   The Farm belongs to my sister’s in-laws who, quite frankly, are my in-laws and my poor kids call them Grand-mom and Grand-pop because they think that is who they are!

The Farm hosts many fun events but in my husband’s eyes nothing can top Sausage.  It’s an annual fall event where the men spend the morning making fresh sausage, from scratch, the woman hang out inside cooking, kinda, and everyone drinks, oh except the kids…or so we believe.

Many years ago, pre-kids and pre-premature aging, we used to spend the entire day there partying away into the wee hours of the night.  Riding four wheelers, kicking cans, singing Merle Haggard (and thinking we could) into broom sticks, all while thinking the world has stopped just for these sweet moments only to wake up crying because your body literally has shriveled up and died a little.

Steve looks so forward to this occasion that we have declared it a holiday in our home and I joke telling him we should start exchanging gifts.  He misses any and every event including work; yes work is an event we hate in this house.

I can’t really describe this event so let’s see if a picture show will help.

We will start with the innocent activities of the kiddos before we get into slaughtered hog…pig I mean…not as in cop but as in meat…not hot cop either just moo.

what a beautiful view

A sunset walk

We love the USA!

A little swing anyone?

Golf not your thing? what about a tree climb?

See what is better than a day at The Farm.  It’s good for the soul, and it toughens the kids up; I don’t want no sissy kids!  Now onto the good stuff:

We take this seriously people!

If you use a red solo cup at least be fancy about it


Years of recipes scattered about

The girls had fun investigating this before running off to play in the dog kennel; such ladies

Ewwwww look at all that meat!

And after….sausage links. They made patties as well. Can’t beat fresh!

The girls love this place and these people!  They are kind and loving.  They learn a little more about life every time they go out there and we love it!  I”ll over hear the girls talking about making sausage at The Farm and one will play Grand-mom while the other will play Grand-pop.

They crack me up but one thing I am very proud of is how kind the girls have become.  Mr. C is in a wheel chair and the girls have been a little frightened of that.  It upsets me because I don’t know how to make them understand that he is the same man he was before but he just needs a little help now.

H would tease him from a distance and when it was time to go she ran right up to him and hugged him.  I was so proud and realized that they just need time to understand all the things we already do.  It’s things like that, that let me know somehow we are doing it right.