Day 35 – Pumpkin of 2014

Ehh where does my time go!? I’m only on photo 35 and I need 52. Crazy kids and life keeping me busy.

I know this is late but October is always a packed month for us and I never get to post about all our fun activities. I do want to post this photo of our pumpkin. We don’t use tracing guides or those cool tools that are out. We stick to old school for our main pumpkin, that means a knife, a spoon and a candle.  We save all the electric tools for the other ten or so pumpkins we get.

Happy late Halloween!

Pumpkin pumpkin

Do You Use Your Trick-or-Treat Manners?

As I obnoxiously mentioned many times before, I love Halloween.  We live in a great neighborhood where truckloads of people come in and have fun for a few hours.


While I love this to death especially since I don’t have to go anywhere I would like to point out some pet peeves that I’m sure you all can understand.


This neighborhood belongs to a wonderful lot of people who call this place home.  Being our home we treat this neighborhood with respect and we expect those who enter it to do the same.


That means, among other things, please:


  1. Don’t park on our beautiful median with our gorgeous trees and well groomed grass
  2. Don’t park in our yards
  3. Don’t throw your trash in our yards or on our streets
  4. Drive slowly; there are tons of kids walking around
  5. Have your kids use their manners including thank you; we spend a lot of money dishing out candy which leads me to my next point
  6. Halloween is not meant for adults, it is for kids and being such don’t expect me to fill your “bag” with candy
  7. Lastly, dress up!  Candy is your reward for wearing a costume


With all that said I’d like to say thank you to those who:

  1. Parked on the street or in driveways
  2. Used their manners and even said “trick or treat”
  3. Dressed up; we loved all the adorable costumes
  4. Not egging my house or smashing my pumpkins
  5. Having kids wear something that glows or carry a flashlight for safety
  6. For only taking one or two pieces of candy and not expecting more; in other words being grateful


Now that I am off my soap box I would like to share some photos.  Since I knew I wasn’t going to be able to spend the full night with my girls, I took my dinosaur and Care Bear to the library for a “parade.”


Little Dino Girl


hmmm do I like what she just dropped in my bucket

And we’re off to enjoy all our candy

Once I did get home, the kids cracked open a piñata; luckily not nailing Steve or Bob!   The funniest part was the 5 kids, not dashing like wild animals to get the candy, but instead gathered around picking and choosing what they wanted.  I would say that is a sign of great parenting!


They should have all been dressed as little monsters….

Dont hit Daddy!

politely sharing the candy….never saw this before with a pinata break

Every year I take the girls around and am in charge of photos while Steve mans the door and candy.  This year KT manned the door while the men took the kids around.  These are the only 2 photos I have from the walk which were taken from Steve’s phone.

Thank you to The Thompson’s and DeMarco’s for coming over to help out Steve.  The girls had a blast and even though I missed most of it so did I.


Happy Halloween

I love Halloween.  I don’t know why because I’m scared to death of everything.  When the movie Scream came out I watched it during a party and still couldn’t sleep for weeks.  Apparently on the scary scale it isn’t that scary. 

I’ve cried at haunted houses even though I still want to go.  I probably cry because Steve likes to throw me out in front and encourage the freaky masked men to get me.  Now we live out in what I consider the country of the Eastern Shore.  Ok it’s not really out in the sticks but the haunted houses are!  They haven’t heard of being politically correct or boundaries so they still think it’s acceptable to grab you in order to scare you.

Not only that, some of the people working there are not in costume when you think they are.  (Queue the theme song from Deliverance).

Anyway we used to go out and get hammered and have a blast checking out all the costumes when we lived in Ocean City.  Once we moved out this way we started staying home and getting hammered on the front porch with a few friends and hand out candy.  Ya know after all we were living in a civilized community so we wanted to seem neighborly by handing out candy.

Then we had kids and the world changed.  I started plotting out all the fun and amazing fall activities to do.  I used to purchase tons of pumpkins and decorate like a madwoman.  But this year was different.  I came home one day and found the pumpkins lined up like this:

I loved it.   So simple.  The girls set them all out in a line and I couldn’t’ have felt more proud.  A holiday just isn’t a holiday until you have kids.  They bring so much magic it’s amazing.  The photos below are from their first, second and third Halloween.

Last year we had about 30-40 friends over.  The ladies took the kids out while the men stayed back to drink the beer and navigate the masses.  Minimal decorations at best.


The Second year we hit a bar to go trick or treating before hitting the neighborhood and then sitting on the porch enjoying the children by the bus loads rolling in.


Daddy and Jack handing out candy while I took the girls to hit 4 specific houses

And the first year I went over board with about 40 pumpkins and the works.  They dont’ remember a thing but I have great photos and memories.

right side…left looks the same

 As of last week we did have to remove the pumpkins because of Sandy but we are still having a house full even though I won’t be home; Steve will have to navigate alone:)  Happy halloween and I hope everyone has fun, is safe and gets tons of candy!


My Favorite Night in Salisbury

Our little red-neck Eastern Shore town has some well hidden jewels spread about.   Some things like The Acorn Market, best deli here, Specific Gravity, best pizza and beer, or The Cove Beach are all wonderful places that I treasure dearly and they actually keep me sane when I am beating my head with mild hatred towards this town.

Down town on The Plaza the road is brick and lined with beautiful trees that are always lite up with white lights.  There are store front shopping and restaurants on either side of the street, some amazing little boutiques, and restaurants, some are offices of lawyers and accountants and then many are vacant.  I’m not sure why this town can’t get it together because this would be an amazing place to wander on the weekends.

Every year the town does hold the Salisbury Festival.  There are bands, carnival games and rides, a beer garden, food vendors and the like however I will not go because it is home to the seediest of characters the world has ever encountered.

Now another hidden secret is the Third Friday events the town has been hosting every month for years now.  I just found out about it last year but only finally decided to go a few months ago at a friend’s urging.  She assured me it was nothing like the Salisbury Festival and she was right! 

The Third Friday is a fun gathering of all the local artists, there are bands, food, beer (really need a better beer garden- I just bring my own), bouncy houses, face painting and more.  I love it.  We go every month now and in fact I can’t wait for it to come around.  Once the weather gets too cool they move everything inside.

Once a month I feel like I am back home in a cool little town when everyone is out to have fun!  Last night was especially wonderful with the go-go guy playing music on his buckets.  The kids had a blast and I could have watched them all night enjoy his music and helping him play.

Of course because it is the month of Halloween my girls were dressed up but that made it all the more fun in my eyes!  These are photos from last night venture.

So excited to go!

My monthly dates!

The guys warming up. The played all night even while the kids were playing. he, in the hat- I guess it’s his show, was awesome!

Seriously? The kids were more excited about the book mobile than anything else!

the girls had a great time beating on the “drums”

 There is always room for more vendors, artists, bakers, causes so contact the town of Salisbury if you are interested in setting up shop!


Happy Halloween

Is it too late to post about Halloween? Who cares, great holiday! We are finally getting back to normal after so much excitement. Even with 3 outdoor events being canceled on Saturday we made up for it Monday. We had about 30 friends over who just tackled the neighborhood and played played played. Wine, beer, sandwiches, were flowing. The girls had numerous events where they dressed up. Their costumes were as follows:

H- bumblebee, pink care-bear, mini mouse and on Halloween an orange pumpkin princess.
L-ladybug, little miss muffet and on Halloween a pink fairy princess.

L took off with all the kids and a few parents while I waited for a few guests that had not arrived yet.  H was scared so she stayed behind with me.  Once our little buddy came H and I went with them and hit a few houses.  H asked me to hold her basket because it was too heavy.  Well the men who stayed behind to drink beer and hand out candy felt bad for her so dumped about 4 pounds of candy in her pumpkin!  Her daddy is such a softy.  Anyway here are a few pictures from the funniest night of the year!

Dora princess hat

Orange pumpkin princess and pink fairy princess

Our version of a Halloween mantel