This is What Panic Looks Like

I have no idea how I am in stressful situations.  I’ve been told good until the dust settles then I fall apart.  I feel like I’m always falling apart.

Little L must be taking after me.

The girls were spinning, madly, in circles when I heard a big thud…BIG…HUGE!

I turned around and L was bracing H and H was holding her mouth with big tears in her eyes.  She spun right into the corner of the door frame.

I grabbed her and hoisted her up onto the counter and saw blood.

L immediately started running around when she found out there was blood yelling, “OH NO, OH NO, I’VE GOT TO HIDE.”

She couldn’t find a direction so she was basically just panicking in a rapidly fast back and forth motion.

She had tears of her own surfacing when she suddenly stopped, climbed up on the stool and declared over and over she wanted to see the blood, then no she didn’t, then yes she did.  Confusing.

Once she finally calmed down (H and I were looking at her like she was a nut) she asked for a Grammy egg; which is a hard boiled egg.


H, in the meantime, was fine.  The blood wasn’t bad and aside of a sore mouth she will live.  She is actually rather impressed with the injury and asks to look in the mirror every 10 minutes.


The Irish – be they kings, or poets, or farmers, They’re a people of great worth, They keep company with the angels, and bring a bit of heaven here to earth.


Kids are so Dumb

I always think this when playing chase and I can easily outwit them by hiding flat against a wall or in a corner that is so obvious.  I can hide in the same spot over and over or just duck behind the couch when they quickly close their eyes. They are so freaked out by getting chased and caught that they frantically run around screaming.  I can make sounds and noises but they just run right past me.  As they are getting older (a whopping 3 years and a week old) it’s not as easy to really scare them.  I like to jump out of a hiding spot and watch them almost fall over from fear.  L will outrun any creep that tries to get her.  She lets out a fast scream then takes off, no real direction in mind, just wham, she runs like the whipping wind.  H on the other hand is going to get caught every time!  She stands frozen, shaking and screaming.  Her scream, however is her life vest.  It is so ear piercing that people can hear it over the crashing waves, over the thunder and rain, and through the walls of our house.  People will actually laugh and say ‘what is that?”   I call it her rape whistle and that I had it installed when she was born.  Anyway, tonight I was hiding in the dark corner that leads to the attic.  I can hear them down the hall giggling and plotting their revenge against me.  I can hear the TV in the distance also.  I hear one commercial go by, then another, and another, and another.  Suddenly it dawns on me who the dumb one is?  I leave my prime hiding spot after a good five minutes to find them totally distracted and playing with the blocks I keep in my closet.  Do’H


there's lots of space to look into the yard, you don't need to squueze into that spot!