Is Your Partner this Awesome?

This weeks topic is “ten ways my partner’s awesome” donated by The Bonny Bard and I love it!

This is so great because it’s so easy to overlook all the amazing things you fell in love with about your partner.

1-As I write this I am packing for a cruise that we are going on for 7 days.  We are going on this cruise because my husband busts his a** every day to provide for his family to the point that he was ranked in the top 5 out of 28,000 sales reps and he earned this trip (2).

3-He is amazing because he can literally build or fix anything; ANYTHING!  He built a dog house, our fence, the deck, a pond for our turtles, and on and on.

4-He is an amazing father to our girls:

  • When the girls were just 3 weeks old he walked in the house and said he lost his job; they were closing up shop.  He went out and got a job knocking doors, selling cable to put food on our plates.   Worst job in the world but he did it, successfully for two years.
  • He will hold his girls until his arm falls asleep and then hold them some more.
  • He rushes home to be with us instead of heading out for happy hour with the boys.

5-He is as big an animal lover as I am:

  • He stops when I frantically yell because a turtle or stray dog is wandering around the street,  he chases  and catches  them and moves them to safety
  • He has found, I think seven, lost dogs in our neighborhood and found their owners in a rather short amount of time.  But once he walked the streets knocking on doors for 5 hours.  We kept the little guy snuggled up in our garage and the next day he drove him to all the vets until he finally found its owner.

6-He learned to say beautiful in Arabic when we were on vacation and wouldn’t tell me what it meant but called me it all weekend.  Why Arabic? It was the only language besides Spanish anyone knew to tell him.

7-When I had the girls he put a mini fridge next to my bed and stocked it with Gatorade’s

8-He spent three hours trying to shovel out the old man who got stock in a snow storm

9-He built a swing and hung it at our reception site for me to swing on in my gown.  Brides for 10 years had their pictures taken on that swing until it finally gave in to the pressures of Mother Nature.

10- Lastly for our first anniversary he took me to dinner and then we drove by our reception site; which was in the middle of the woods in a big old boat house.  As we got there a table for two was set with candles, wine, flowers and cheese.  We sat under the porch roof and watched a huge storm roll by.  It was amazing!


I think every person should make a list like this to hold onto when times are tough.   I tease Steve all the time with his messiness even to the point of creating Damn-it Steve but my world would be quiet and boring without him.

Thank you Stasha for posting this while I am away and thank you BonnyBard for the amazing topic!

Cheers to Monday Listicles!