Fertility Friday 9

What to tell your children about your path to having them? Does it matter that they were conceived with a little help? Should you tell them they were created like little spawn in a petri-dish? After all they are 100% me and Steve. How will it affect them? My Mom asked me if I was going to tell them and I thought no. She wasn’t asking for any particular reason but after our conversation I started thinking that maybe I should in case they have fertility issues. Maybe this is something at a young age we can get checked out or look into. I don’t think my issues were a cause of anything hereditary but because I was sick often and took a body beating when I was about 12 years old with a blood disease called ITP. It caused my body to get all out of whack, delay my menstrual cycle and eventually create an entire imbalance in my ovulation….in other words I don’t…ovulate that is.
So what, if anything, do you tell your children about your path to having them???