Ten Things I AM Proud Of

I’m late with the link up  and I really want to join this week.  It’s all about being proud.  This is a tough one but a well worth it one.   Stasha always does a great job with the Monday Listicles and I love reading everyone’s lists.  Hope you do to!

So here we go….

  1. Teaching- I have bugged the colleges for years to let me in and one finally did.  It’s the local community college and I love it.  I love the students.  Some old, some young but most are really trying to better themselves.  It feels great going that extra mile to make sure they understand and are learning.  I thought I wanted to be at the University (need a Doctorate- ain’t got time for that) but I’m falling in love with this small community.
  2. My kids…my kids….my kids.  Took us a lifetime to have them; they almost lost me a few times but we, the 4 of us, have strength, love and support that no one, no tragedy could destroy
  3. Not giving up on my marriage- we’ve had some rough patches with us, with finances, with health and we always come out swinging strong.  It’s easy to walk away but it is hard to stay and fight.  Marriage is difficult but like parenting if you have the right love it is so worth the fight.
  4. Not giving up on being a better me- I often think I suck.  What have I done blah blah blah like most women but when I think back on my life I have improved and become a better me to me, to my family and to the earth.
  5. The little things my girls do like helping a friend who fell or hugging her sister when she is sad.  Knowing that they have compassion is a great relief
  6. My husband.  The man can fix anything.  My sister-in-law once said we need to create “dial-a-bergeman” and she is so right.  It’s so hot when he fixes, builds, makes….
  7. My parents, sisters, brothers and then some.  I am one of the few that have the support of all of them, the love from all of them and the joy to be a huge part of their life.  I certainly wouldn’t be even a tiny bit of me without them.  We are a strong Irish family and the greatest lesson my parents taught all of us was how important family is.
  8. My dogs.  They are pit-bulls or pit mixes and over the years they have helped us prove that they aren’t bad.
  9. My little buddy Isaac, who I met a year ago.  He struggles to keep on living and he does it with a smile.  Knowing him and his story has made me a better me and I’m so glad I know him and his family.
  10. My infertility- what? Proud of this? No, not that but how we have handled and dealt with it. We didn’t pretend it didn’t exist or let it make us sad. We embraced it, shared it and made it work. If I didn’t have fertility issues I can assure you we wouldn’t have twins, we wouldn’t understand the power that comes with that chance of never being a parent and I wouldn’t have met or have been reconnected with some amazing women who shared my struggles.
  11. One more- I had to add this photo since I love to organize and I am pretty good at it….this picture is an example of my little followers…YAY




PS I apologize for this sloppy post–life was insane yesterday and today so that is my sloppy, poor grammar excuse!


Differences between Me & Him

I often laugh at the huge spectrum that my husband and I fall on opposite sides of.  I’m an extrovert, he is an introvert.  I’m loud, he’s quiet. I’m friendly and trusting, he hates small talk and trusts maybe 3 people including himself.  The list goes on and on.  Our favorite difference is probably our scheduling.  He could care less if we leave the house while I make 10 plans for a weekend and accomplish it all; with or without him!  But the best part is getting ready.  He starts getting ready for work at 7 if he has to be there at 9 while I would start getting ready at 8:30 and run around like a mad woman.  It works, somehow it works.  Now on the flip side the things we have in common are our love for animals, family, friends; the things that really matter.  When I yell because he put his underwear on TOP of the laundry basket I must say I love that he wants to go to the park with the girls and me and will actually run around with them, swing with them and go down the slide.  We had a great morning today.  L and I picked dozens of beautiful pine cones for decorating while S and H swung on the swings.  He’s a good Daddy no matter the differences!

swingin' HIGH


The Daddy Bridge

 Tip O’ the Day: let the kids help.  My girls put away little things like their socks and washcloths.  They feel so important and it builds confidence.



Fertility Friday 3

So there has been much discussion in the way of having more kids. We always wanted a big family but after all the issues the first time around we counted our blessings and settled on twins that were perfect and fully completed our family. Or so we thought. After an ectopic pregnancy over a year ago we couldn’t help shake that itch for more kids. We tried on our own but after many attempts and many doctor visits it seems there is just too much internal damage from too many major surgeries for another “on our own” pregnancy to occur with success. So here we are heading back to the fertility specialist to begin again. Is this crazy? Are we messing with Mother Nature too much? Should we be thankful for our little girls and close that door? Does anyone out there have thoughts on this topic?

photo courtesy of Kristin Staples Photography


Happy Halloween

Is it too late to post about Halloween? Who cares, great holiday! We are finally getting back to normal after so much excitement. Even with 3 outdoor events being canceled on Saturday we made up for it Monday. We had about 30 friends over who just tackled the neighborhood and played played played. Wine, beer, sandwiches, were flowing. The girls had numerous events where they dressed up. Their costumes were as follows:

H- bumblebee, pink care-bear, mini mouse and on Halloween an orange pumpkin princess.
L-ladybug, little miss muffet and on Halloween a pink fairy princess.

L took off with all the kids and a few parents while I waited for a few guests that had not arrived yet.  H was scared so she stayed behind with me.  Once our little buddy came H and I went with them and hit a few houses.  H asked me to hold her basket because it was too heavy.  Well the men who stayed behind to drink beer and hand out candy felt bad for her so dumped about 4 pounds of candy in her pumpkin!  Her daddy is such a softy.  Anyway here are a few pictures from the funniest night of the year!

Dora princess hat

Orange pumpkin princess and pink fairy princess

Our version of a Halloween mantel



Clever H & her Little Doggie

H came to me with her little dog that barks and rolls around and said it’s not working. Obviously the batteries died and I was too lazy to fix so I said we would fix it tomorrow its broken. She said “not broken; batteries.” I tried to brush her off like we didn’t have any, thinking she would go away and I could finish the mound of laundry waiting for me and it worked; she walked away. A few minutes later when I went into the family room she had gotten in the battery drawer and pulled all the batteries out. Size D, AA, AAA,C you name it; a good 15 batteries. She was trying to shove them in the bottom of the dog where the batteries go and just close the Velcro. I was so impressed by her cleverness that I got out the screw driver and fixed her little doggie once and for all. I guess I’ll know better than to try and trick that little girl!

Tip O’ the Day: don’t underestimate the intelligence of a young child!


Spying on the Girls

When I dropped the girls off at school today the teacher told me they were out of pull ups.  Harper definitely doesn’t need on and Lylla is iffy but since nap time follows lunch there is always that possiblity of a sneak attack.  So I went home, ran a few errands and headed back to the school with pull ups and some leggings (always misjudging the weather but they looked super cute today!).  Anyway I pull into the parking lot and see a class of tiny ones leaving the book mobile.  I take a second thinking what are the chance my tinies are in that group and then I spot them.  Oh so cute watching them interact.  Lylla had her book in hand and wasn’t taking her eyes off the teacher, making sure to follow all directions perfectly in the front of the line.  Harper I notice next only because I saw a little boy push her!  She just looked at him like “I look cute and I’ve got a book so don’t even try to mess with me.” She was kind of on the outside of the line towards the back. Just then a cute little blonde girl came up to her and they started giggling and talking, maybe about the books they just checked out. Anyway it was so neat and touching to watch my girls although I did look like a stalker because of course this lasted a good 10 minutes by the time the poor teacher had control and got them all inside!

Tip O’ the Day: fun easy projects- cut out a shape (in this case a pumpkin), rub a glue stick all over it and let the kids tear up tissue paper and put it on the pumpkin.  They love it, not very messy, easy, they learn about colors and shapes and they are super cute.