Do You Use Your Trick-or-Treat Manners?

As I obnoxiously mentioned many times before, I love Halloween.  We live in a great neighborhood where truckloads of people come in and have fun for a few hours.


While I love this to death especially since I don’t have to go anywhere I would like to point out some pet peeves that I’m sure you all can understand.


This neighborhood belongs to a wonderful lot of people who call this place home.  Being our home we treat this neighborhood with respect and we expect those who enter it to do the same.


That means, among other things, please:


  1. Don’t park on our beautiful median with our gorgeous trees and well groomed grass
  2. Don’t park in our yards
  3. Don’t throw your trash in our yards or on our streets
  4. Drive slowly; there are tons of kids walking around
  5. Have your kids use their manners including thank you; we spend a lot of money dishing out candy which leads me to my next point
  6. Halloween is not meant for adults, it is for kids and being such don’t expect me to fill your “bag” with candy
  7. Lastly, dress up!  Candy is your reward for wearing a costume


With all that said I’d like to say thank you to those who:

  1. Parked on the street or in driveways
  2. Used their manners and even said “trick or treat”
  3. Dressed up; we loved all the adorable costumes
  4. Not egging my house or smashing my pumpkins
  5. Having kids wear something that glows or carry a flashlight for safety
  6. For only taking one or two pieces of candy and not expecting more; in other words being grateful


Now that I am off my soap box I would like to share some photos.  Since I knew I wasn’t going to be able to spend the full night with my girls, I took my dinosaur and Care Bear to the library for a “parade.”


Little Dino Girl


hmmm do I like what she just dropped in my bucket

And we’re off to enjoy all our candy

Once I did get home, the kids cracked open a piñata; luckily not nailing Steve or Bob!   The funniest part was the 5 kids, not dashing like wild animals to get the candy, but instead gathered around picking and choosing what they wanted.  I would say that is a sign of great parenting!


They should have all been dressed as little monsters….

Dont hit Daddy!

politely sharing the candy….never saw this before with a pinata break

Every year I take the girls around and am in charge of photos while Steve mans the door and candy.  This year KT manned the door while the men took the kids around.  These are the only 2 photos I have from the walk which were taken from Steve’s phone.

Thank you to The Thompson’s and DeMarco’s for coming over to help out Steve.  The girls had a blast and even though I missed most of it so did I.