A Little Love For My H


My bestie bud found this on Pinterest and sent it to me knowing H would just love it as she is obsessed with orangeThis is so great and makes me so happy every time I see it!  Thanks Aunt Tammy!!! We love you!

After she sent this I couldn’t help but think about how unique this little girl is.  She is always so kind but had a total melt down with the full moon the other day (or so I’m guessing that’s why).  She got in so much trouble and was just the opposite of her usual self and ended up falling asleep in my arms crying.

As I was looking through my phone I noticed an array of her personality that just made me smile.

First is her love of orange.

She was putting her clothes away but look at all that orange

She was putting her clothes away but look at all that orange

Second is her love of Spiderman and all boy stuff.  As she was trying on masks telling me who they were I was dumbfounded.  I had no idea who these super heroes were.

Guess who picked out which gift after big ol' shot day at the dr?

Guess who picked out which gift after big ol’ shot day at the dr?

snuggled so tightly in her spiderman hooded blanket

snuggled so tightly in her spiderman hooded blanket

asleep....nobody knows who you ARE!

asleep….nobody knows who you ARE!

I don't know who that is

I don’t know who that is

Third, her love for her Robby doll….creeeeeepy.

Modern day Tell?

Modern day Tell?

And lastly just how much she loves.  She loves with all her heart and more.  She is a girl who knows what she likes and has determination.  She held onto this box of band aides for dear life.  I hate to admit it she wore me down.  I just kept thinking that anyone who fights so hard for something they love, even an $.88 box of superhero band-aides well….she deserved it.


Keep fighting for love and convictions my dear H, it will serve you well!


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What Family is to Me

I just stole this from a friend’s Facebook page.  I love it!  My blood family is amazing and I would do anything for every single one of them.  I feel the same way about my husband, most of his family and many of our friends.

Growing up I thought all families were like mine.  We were (are) tight and tough, loving and kind; together no matter what.  I thought this because that is what my parents showed us.  That didn’t say it they actually showed us.

There are loved ones in my life who stick by their family because that is what they are “supposed” to do or are told to do.  I have found, the hard way, that just because someone is blood that does not make them your family. 

Family is love.  Family is being there no matter what.  Family is seeing the good.  Family is seeing you for you.  Family is not competitive.  Family is not deceitful.  Family is not jealous.   Family is not convenient.

I was naïve well into my adult years thinking that I would marry my man and both our families would come together for the holidays or special occasions and we would all get along.  I thought every family was like mine.  I never thought my children would only know my parents as their grandparents.  I never thought they wouldn’t know all their cousins.  I thought we would all be family.

We are fulfilled as a family but that is because we finally know what family is.  Family is what will get us through our tough times.  Family is our happy times.  My family is love not blood.

What is your family?