Fancy vs Casual

This is a prime example of how different my girls are.  We went to a Christmas party this past weekend and I explained to the girls that we needed to get dressed up and all the ladies will be in their best clothes for this holiday party so pick out something special and beautiful. L comes out of her room with a gorgeous red dress with a crinoline-type underneath so it has some flare, with black lace trim, black tights, and black sparkle shoes.  She also wore her fancy red and black swing dress coat.  H came out with her favorite orange Halloween shirt, overalls (skirt style), striped tights without orange in them, hot pink sweater and she wanted to wear her soccer shoes at which point I put my foot down although now I wish I hadn’t.  If I tell them they can dress themselves then I should let them.  Short of trying to get away with a sundress in the snow I should let them express their style.  Anyway a picture below as they are waiting for Daddy to pick them up from the girls only party.

Two Times the Poop

I thought when potty training came into play that I was pretty well prepared.  I always have spare clothes, wet wipes, toilet paper and a port-a-potty with me.  I’ve even taken the potty to the pool and football games.  Who cares about crappy looks from other people (like that play on words here) but they obviously never potty trained twins.  Anyway what I didn’t realize was what I was going to do when they had to go at the same time. Many times one stands and does the pee-pee dance while the other forces out her pee and jumps off without even wiping to let her sister go.  Don’t worry they wipe it’s just while standing and not sitting.  This past week more than once I have had one downstairs on the potty pooping while I had to rush the other upstairs for an emergency poop.  That was stressful because at this age it is never wise to let them try to wipe a number two.  I’ve made that mistake and walked into an overflowing toilet, story for another time.  Anyway tonight they both ran for the bathroom with an emergency that wouldn’t allow for me to get one upstairs.  It was quite comical as they would do poop-offs as I called it.  L started and went some then jumped off and
let H jump on and this went on and on for a solid (again with the play on words)15 minutes.  It was funny how they communicated the need to hurry and “let me get a little poop in the potty before your next round comes.”

L kept us entertained by singing some random song about hula-hooping and H kept us entertained with her poop face.  I guess this can go in the category of things I never thought I would be doing.

Tip o’ the Day: see below….


*photo taken from (DoubleTake_Frederick CountyMD_11.26.2006.jpg) on Flicr


Happy Halloween

Is it too late to post about Halloween? Who cares, great holiday! We are finally getting back to normal after so much excitement. Even with 3 outdoor events being canceled on Saturday we made up for it Monday. We had about 30 friends over who just tackled the neighborhood and played played played. Wine, beer, sandwiches, were flowing. The girls had numerous events where they dressed up. Their costumes were as follows:

H- bumblebee, pink care-bear, mini mouse and on Halloween an orange pumpkin princess.
L-ladybug, little miss muffet and on Halloween a pink fairy princess.

L took off with all the kids and a few parents while I waited for a few guests that had not arrived yet.  H was scared so she stayed behind with me.  Once our little buddy came H and I went with them and hit a few houses.  H asked me to hold her basket because it was too heavy.  Well the men who stayed behind to drink beer and hand out candy felt bad for her so dumped about 4 pounds of candy in her pumpkin!  Her daddy is such a softy.  Anyway here are a few pictures from the funniest night of the year!

Dora princess hat

Orange pumpkin princess and pink fairy princess

Our version of a Halloween mantel



Spying on the Girls

When I dropped the girls off at school today the teacher told me they were out of pull ups.  Harper definitely doesn’t need on and Lylla is iffy but since nap time follows lunch there is always that possiblity of a sneak attack.  So I went home, ran a few errands and headed back to the school with pull ups and some leggings (always misjudging the weather but they looked super cute today!).  Anyway I pull into the parking lot and see a class of tiny ones leaving the book mobile.  I take a second thinking what are the chance my tinies are in that group and then I spot them.  Oh so cute watching them interact.  Lylla had her book in hand and wasn’t taking her eyes off the teacher, making sure to follow all directions perfectly in the front of the line.  Harper I notice next only because I saw a little boy push her!  She just looked at him like “I look cute and I’ve got a book so don’t even try to mess with me.” She was kind of on the outside of the line towards the back. Just then a cute little blonde girl came up to her and they started giggling and talking, maybe about the books they just checked out. Anyway it was so neat and touching to watch my girls although I did look like a stalker because of course this lasted a good 10 minutes by the time the poor teacher had control and got them all inside!

Tip O’ the Day: fun easy projects- cut out a shape (in this case a pumpkin), rub a glue stick all over it and let the kids tear up tissue paper and put it on the pumpkin.  They love it, not very messy, easy, they learn about colors and shapes and they are super cute.

Poop Hand

Well my girls are finally potty trained and I figured all would be right with the world until I realized how difficult teaching to wipe a poopy butt would be. EWWWW Seriously could someone please write a book to prepare us weak stomached Mothers about all this nastiness? I thought I was lucky when I heard the many horror stories of kids that poop in the tub and with twins we made it almost 3 years with only one accident. That was nasty to clean up. Sorry hubby that I left it for you! Pee in the tub happens often. They get in there and the temperature of the water send that pee flying. I’ve been known to let it ride since on more than one occasion I’ve been too tired to start the damn bubble filling process all over. They used to giggle when one would pee in the tub now they scream “ewww.” Not sure where they got that from. Anyway, it’s my fault because we spent most of our potty training days at the beach where I let them just pee freely, everyone else does. We are getting ready to start back at the YMCA and I have to get them to understand that although you are allowed to pee in the ocean and bay you cannot go in the pool. I think they see water and think it’s a free for all. Thank God that blue dye isn’t real. Ok so back to wiping. As we all know, kids are freakishly unproportioned still at this age so it is difficult for them to wipe. They do mostly dab-dab and toss the toilet paper in the toilet. But poop! First of all I guess I went overboard with the “you are a big girl now” because they won’t wear diapers, even at night for precautionary sakes, and they don’t want their potty seat on the toilet. So I have hauled kids out of the potty because their little butts are too tiny to keep them up and they get sidetracked and take their hands off the seat and fall in and get semi-stuck. I laugh, they cry. The have to slide off the seat which leaves poop mark number one. Then they try to wipe and always go back to front or use the dab-dab method so they pull up their pants and poop gets in there also. Often poop is on their little hands and often gets on Mommy’s hand. I don’t know how or why this happens to me so often! All it does is makes me gage and then they get all concerned and then L might start gaging and H will think it’s funny and start wiggling and then all hell breaks loose! Needless to say I have been called poop-hand more than once as my husband stands by laughing his butt off. Two little girls in the bathroom egging each other one is such a fiasco. So I ask you this; are there any other gross things I need to know about you expert Mothers!??

Twin Talk

I often get the question, ” do your girls have a language of their own or do they have twin talk?”  I’ve thought about it over the years and I’m not sure how to ever answer that one.  It certainly is true that they can communicate in a way no one around them can ever understand.  Is that a twin thing or a kid thing?  I can tell you whatever it is, it is hysterical.  I’ve observed them on many occasions jabbering on and on.  Often numerous emotions will emerge in this conversation.  For instance I witnesses what seemed to be a lovely party of some sort that quickly escalated into a disagreement and onto a hitting match.  What they were so upset about I will never know.  In my mind they are having a full fledged drama about whose outfit is better…Is this truly amazing? I believe it often sounds like my girlfriends and me after some wine.  My husband is listening to us but can’t make out a word we are saying even though we are laughing and think we are speaking clear as day.

Now even more interesting is that I can understand L perfectly clear but find difficulty in what H is saying sometimes and I call L in to translate.  The first time this happened was when the girls were probably a year and a half.  H was desperately trying to tell me something and I even asked her to show me but she just couldn’t.  We were getting so frustrated so I finally yelled to L,” do you know what H is saying?”  She replies,” what H?” and H repeats what she wants and L says,” she wants eggies!”  I look at H and say, ” do you want eggs?” And with the biggest smile she says “yes Mommy.”  I make her eggs, she eats them and goes on to play!

This happens often even now.  I will ask L to translate, she will and all is good in the world.  Just the other day H said blah blah blah.  I replied, Warshack?  Blue socks?  I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me.  I suppose L was getting annoyed with my ignorance because she yelled, “FRUITSNACKS!”  Hmm OK. So there you have it, twin talk or just plain old kid talk?

Time O’ the Day: baby powder removes sand every time