Oh Old Navy How I Love You

The worst part about having kids, besides when you are sick or hung over, is buying a new wardrobe each season. YUCK!  I went through a few boxes of hand-me-downs and found a few items but certainly not enough to keep up with two.

But alas, Old Navy pulls through just when I thought I was doomed to spend a fortune.  In the fall we received one of those little bags along with a coupon in the mail informing us that we will receive an additional 40% off everything we can fit in that bag.

When we walked in I went right up to the guy at the counter and asked if I could fill it up and if my husband could.  He looked at the girls and said, “honey whatever you bring up to this counter I will discount.”

Ah I love it!  We managed to wrangle up $500 worth of goods, adorable goods, for under $250.  That is amazing!  Even Steve and I got a few cute pieces.

On Wednesday we had a 40% off coupon for everything in the store plus a free tote, that day only.  The girls were amazing as i loaded up our cart.  Poor H saw only a few things in orange that fit her.

This trip, another $400 total for just a small $185, we got the following:

  • 3 dress shirts for Steve
  • 2 sundresses and 2 cute tops for Mommy
  • for the girls- 2 bathing suite
  • 2 pairs of leggings
  • 2 shorts
  • 2 jumpers- with snaps for easy potty breaks-THANK YOU
  • 5 dresses
  • 3 shirts
  • and of course the wonderful tote bag

Seriously that is amazing!!!


Do I have girl/girl twins or girl/boy twins?  Based on this photo you would think I had a boy.  These two are so different.  Nothing can sway H from her love of orange.  She rocked that shirt though with her sweet leggins and boater shoes!

L and H