Day 35 – Pumpkin of 2014

Ehh where does my time go!? I’m only on photo 35 and I need 52. Crazy kids and life keeping me busy.

I know this is late but October is always a packed month for us and I never get to post about all our fun activities. I do want to post this photo of our pumpkin. We don’t use tracing guides or those cool tools that are out. We stick to old school for our main pumpkin, that means a knife, a spoon and a candle.  We save all the electric tools for the other ten or so pumpkins we get.

Happy late Halloween!

Pumpkin pumpkin

Old School Blogging….What?

Old school blogging? I’m not old school in this sense so I have to take the word of the blogger with the best hair in the business; Miss Elaine.

Why is it so fun to answer questions about yourself? I love the challenge of those stumping questions that make me think. These were easy though and I like those as well.

Questionnaires are always funny if you involve my sister. She always has funny one-liners so hopefully she is reading and has some witty comments.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was drunk. Seriously. We lived a spits distance from the beach, rode our bikes everywhere- work, the bars. We were building a house and having one last blast living the beach life….Those were GOOD times….but these are better.
What five things are on your to-do list?
Finish packing for our trip
Make a will
Get rosters ready for class and lax while I’m gone
Make plenty of snacks for L and her dairy free world-we’re out
Pick up Hubs prescription
What are five snacks you enjoy?
Apples or pretzels and hummus
Fruit shakes
If tomatoes are fresh I love toast w/ goat cheese, avocado and tomato or raspberries
Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire.
Some things? I can name one- start a rescue farm like the Gentle Barn.
Name some places you have lived
Herndon, VA
Ocean City, MD
Orange County, CA
Name some bad habits you have
Poor sleeping habits
Name some jobs you have had
Financial Adviser in the making….boring
Life guard…boring
New Home Sales Rep….boring
OK so I didn’t really like this questionnaire because it makes me look really boring….I don’t like being boring so hopefully next week has questions that make me look awesome!

Good night ya’ll and go check out these funny ladies at throw back blogging.

ps for the record I am having blog issues-please forgive the sloppiness