Un-birthday Success

The un-birthday birthday party was a success…for the most part.  We had some minor issues; one- the lack of my dear crab cake and cupcakes I desperately wanted and two- it stormed its butt off.

Luckily our friends are super laid back and didn’t mind the garage as their hang out for the day.  The kids, however, were insane!  The playroom was flipped upside down and I mean that literally.  Doll houses and tables were turned upside down.  I’m not sure why it was like this but it did take me all of Monday to disinfect, clean, straighten and toss broken toys.

No more parties when it’s raining that is for sure.  I was super happy when the thunder and lightning stopped so the kids could go outside.

It was very odd sounding telling parents I had random underwear that was left behind; kids were playing in the rain and baby pool in just their underpants.  Once they were done they put their clothes, dry, on but left their underwear in dryer.  It was hysterical, prior to, when they wouldn’t put their clothes back on.  I hope this is not a sneak peek into their future.

Some of my favorite high-lights from the fun and crazy Labor Day Party weekend.

*Steve’s lawnmower broke and we couldn’t find someone to cut it last minute on a holiday weekend so he and Joe went to Sears and scored this “marked wrong” mower for almost $1000 less than what it should have been.  They had a time getting it home but luckily they did since our lawn was about 7 inches too high.

Notice the tires slightly off the ground? I wonder if this tomfoolery was how the last one broke! Nice ghetto tag you fogot to take off!

*Watching the kids jump in the baby pool.  It was, honestly and no exaggeration, a very insane moment.  Almost like letting prisoners out for a free for all for the day after being in solitary confinement for a year.

What does J think he’s jumping into?

*The scene on the driveway of kids versus adults as they rode the bikes and scooters like mad-men all over.


Fun Madness

*The traditional cupcake of orange for H, pink for L and blue for their cousin H who is exactly 1 year younger.  They’ve spent every birthday together; even the un-birthday!  This time most of the adults were already too drunk to care about singing 3 versions of happy birthday so we crammed all the names into one!

A very merry un-birthday to you and you and you!

*The food!  All thanks to my wonderful brother-in-law and Steve.

Bushel of crabs, 5 lbs of jumbo shrimp, corn, corn bread, potatoes….the works!

*Great gifts!  The girls loved everything and their smiles were priceless as they opened them!  Thank you so much to everyone!

She loved/loves this beautiful doll!

*Amazing guests including some travelers ie Robby, Stacey, Joe and D!!

My buddy Aunt D

*Late night game of men versus woman….or since we were down a lady we played people with hair versus baldies!

Travelers and game players all in one!

The girls said they understood what was going on but I’m not sure they did. We will see what happens this December when they really turn 4. The nice thing about an un-birthday is they haven’t truly turned older so I wasn’t all sappy and sad.

Even the dogs were worn out from running away from 18 kids all night!

Happy Halloween

Is it too late to post about Halloween? Who cares, great holiday! We are finally getting back to normal after so much excitement. Even with 3 outdoor events being canceled on Saturday we made up for it Monday. We had about 30 friends over who just tackled the neighborhood and played played played. Wine, beer, sandwiches, were flowing. The girls had numerous events where they dressed up. Their costumes were as follows:

H- bumblebee, pink care-bear, mini mouse and on Halloween an orange pumpkin princess.
L-ladybug, little miss muffet and on Halloween a pink fairy princess.

L took off with all the kids and a few parents while I waited for a few guests that had not arrived yet.  H was scared so she stayed behind with me.  Once our little buddy came H and I went with them and hit a few houses.  H asked me to hold her basket because it was too heavy.  Well the men who stayed behind to drink beer and hand out candy felt bad for her so dumped about 4 pounds of candy in her pumpkin!  Her daddy is such a softy.  Anyway here are a few pictures from the funniest night of the year!

Dora princess hat

Orange pumpkin princess and pink fairy princess

Our version of a Halloween mantel