How Do Your Kids Sleep – Part Deux

I posted the original post last year and so many of us laughed hysterically about it that I thought I whould create another.  The problem is I have so many photos of them in crazy sleeping positions that I think I have enough material for a part iii and iv.

Some of these crack me up because they are my kids and I can remember the exact moment each photo was taken.  For example the second photo of L falling asleep eating; Steve and I were taking food and putting it on her lips to tease her just to watch her knee-jerk reaction and then the slow decent back into a deep sleep.

I’m intrigued the most by the positions in which they are identical.  Those are so terribly cute.  You will also notice a reoccurring theme with Sugar, the evil pitbull ready to attack.

Either way enjoy every drool, double chin, and pass-out these tinies have endured for my entertainment!

2009-09-04 13.34.35
2009-08-22 13.16.59 2011-04-30 21.13.25 2011-04-30 22.53.44 2011-08-29 14.16.53 2010-02-24 09.03.19 2011-06-08 20.30.17 2011-09-04 01.06.53 2010-11-28 13.19.39 2010-04-14 23.42.00 2011-08-02 21.57.32 2011-08-01 18.24.52

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My Life in Numbers

This was so fun to write in honor of my lovely fellow bloggers, Farrah and Greta.  Don’t foget to visit GFunkified to read more link ups on others “Life in Numbers.”

1 number of IVF attempts (success)

1 number of marathons I’ve run

2 number of kids I have

2 number of times I’ve driven cross country

2 number of years I bugged the colleges before one finally hired me

2 number of dogs we currently have

3 number of times I usually drag the kids out of the house per day

3 number of years I’ve been a full time stay at home Mom (small side jobs not included)

3 number of months when I realized I would marry Steve

3 number of dogs we’ve adopted

3 number of pitbulls we’ve owned and loved

3 number of times I pulled into the same pump on the wrong side before I finally gave up and left (baby brain)

4 number of years old my girls will be next month

4 number of major surgeries I’ve had

4 number of eggs I eat a day

4 number of degrees I have (2 associates, 1 BS, 1 MBA) – and none of them prepped me for parenthood

5 number of turtles I had before they caught a virus and died

5 number of days we hit the beach in the summer

6 number of times I’ve been to New Orleans (favorite place)

6 number of IUI attempts

7 number of years before I got pregnant

7 number of kids I wish I could have had

9 number of years I had Marcie and Frankie (turtles)

11 number of years old my Bowie was when he died

12 number of years (almost) that I’ve been married

17 number of years we have been together

20 number of years I’ve lived at the beach (or very close)

38 years I’ve been alive

38 number of states I’ve been to

150 number of minutes until bedtime

I might have to do this again!  You should try it as well!  Link up, leave a comment or do on your own!

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