Will the Potty Training Never End?

Let’s talk potty training.

Two topics in particular that I want to address and get opinions and tips on.

1)      Making it through the night

2)      Wiping a poopy butt

The girls were both potty trained at two and a half.  Sure they still had accidents but that is when we ditched the diapers.

I did what many do and had a crash course training.  I put over-sized t-shirts on them with no undies and for 3 days this is how they played and ate and ran errands.

They learned very quickly to use the potty and determine when they had to go.  The theory behind this is that the mind can play tricks on them and make them think that underwear is a diaper so they were more likely to wet themselves as opposed to wearing nothing.

I made them sit on the potty before they left the house; even to play.  I took (and still do) their potty everywhere.

I even tried this theory at night.  However, they never caught on to waking up when they wet.  And eventually I got sick of washing sheets and changing beds, even with with a liner under the sheets.

They are almost 4 ½ and I still put a diaper on them.  H wakes up dry almost half the time while L’s diaper is always wet, wet, wet.

I mean it’s getting ridiculous, they can put their diapers on and off themselves.

I’ve spoken to 2 doctors and they both said not to worry it’s just because they are such deep sleepers.  This is certainly true.  I can go in their rooms, turn the light on, put clothes away etc and they never budge.

If, by the age of 5, they are still constantly wetting then we should investigate but I really don’t want to wait until then.

With 2 more babies on the way I really want to get them out of diapers asap.

I make them go potty before bed however I don’t believe or follow the rule of nothing to drink after a certain time.

Why?  I’ll just make a list.

1)      They play until the last minute so they are thirsty.  Yes we have wind down time but these girls just have lots of energy.

2)      If they are anything like me, I am thirsty all night long.  I probably drink 2 glasses of water during the night.

3)      H has allergies so she is forever coughing.

With that said I’m sure I can’t be the only one out there with this issue.


Next is learning to wipe.  When they were in school they had to wipe on their own and they did OK, not great but since they’ve been home with me I do it for them.

Seems silly but I hate the mess and I figure I can just do it and make a clean swipe and we can get on with our day.

This really isn’t a big deal as all they need to do is practice but any tips to help would be nice here as well.


Maybe tomorrow I will post on Father’s Day but seeing as the girls have been in trouble most of the day I don’t think there is going to be much to brag about.



Two Times the Poop

I thought when potty training came into play that I was pretty well prepared.  I always have spare clothes, wet wipes, toilet paper and a port-a-potty with me.  I’ve even taken the potty to the pool and football games.  Who cares about crappy looks from other people (like that play on words here) but they obviously never potty trained twins.  Anyway what I didn’t realize was what I was going to do when they had to go at the same time. Many times one stands and does the pee-pee dance while the other forces out her pee and jumps off without even wiping to let her sister go.  Don’t worry they wipe it’s just while standing and not sitting.  This past week more than once I have had one downstairs on the potty pooping while I had to rush the other upstairs for an emergency poop.  That was stressful because at this age it is never wise to let them try to wipe a number two.  I’ve made that mistake and walked into an overflowing toilet, story for another time.  Anyway tonight they both ran for the bathroom with an emergency that wouldn’t allow for me to get one upstairs.  It was quite comical as they would do poop-offs as I called it.  L started and went some then jumped off and
let H jump on and this went on and on for a solid (again with the play on words)15 minutes.  It was funny how they communicated the need to hurry and “let me get a little poop in the potty before your next round comes.”

L kept us entertained by singing some random song about hula-hooping and H kept us entertained with her poop face.  I guess this can go in the category of things I never thought I would be doing.

Tip o’ the Day: see below….


*photo taken from (DoubleTake_Frederick CountyMD_11.26.2006.jpg) on Flicr


Poop Hand

Well my girls are finally potty trained and I figured all would be right with the world until I realized how difficult teaching to wipe a poopy butt would be. EWWWW Seriously could someone please write a book to prepare us weak stomached Mothers about all this nastiness? I thought I was lucky when I heard the many horror stories of kids that poop in the tub and with twins we made it almost 3 years with only one accident. That was nasty to clean up. Sorry hubby that I left it for you! Pee in the tub happens often. They get in there and the temperature of the water send that pee flying. I’ve been known to let it ride since on more than one occasion I’ve been too tired to start the damn bubble filling process all over. They used to giggle when one would pee in the tub now they scream “ewww.” Not sure where they got that from. Anyway, it’s my fault because we spent most of our potty training days at the beach where I let them just pee freely, everyone else does. We are getting ready to start back at the YMCA and I have to get them to understand that although you are allowed to pee in the ocean and bay you cannot go in the pool. I think they see water and think it’s a free for all. Thank God that blue dye isn’t real. Ok so back to wiping. As we all know, kids are freakishly unproportioned still at this age so it is difficult for them to wipe. They do mostly dab-dab and toss the toilet paper in the toilet. But poop! First of all I guess I went overboard with the “you are a big girl now” because they won’t wear diapers, even at night for precautionary sakes, and they don’t want their potty seat on the toilet. So I have hauled kids out of the potty because their little butts are too tiny to keep them up and they get sidetracked and take their hands off the seat and fall in and get semi-stuck. I laugh, they cry. The have to slide off the seat which leaves poop mark number one. Then they try to wipe and always go back to front or use the dab-dab method so they pull up their pants and poop gets in there also. Often poop is on their little hands and often gets on Mommy’s hand. I don’t know how or why this happens to me so often! All it does is makes me gage and then they get all concerned and then L might start gaging and H will think it’s funny and start wiggling and then all hell breaks loose! Needless to say I have been called poop-hand more than once as my husband stands by laughing his butt off. Two little girls in the bathroom egging each other one is such a fiasco. So I ask you this; are there any other gross things I need to know about you expert Mothers!??

Terrible 2’s or Just Kids

I am going to rip my hair out with the fighting.  It is only 10:00 and the girls have been sent to their rooms twice and put in the corner twice as well.  I finally threatened no baby doll party with Daddy tonight if they keep it up.  Right now they are in their beds telling me they have to go pee-pee.  I hate that because I don’t know if it’s a trick or not.  For fear of an accident I allow H to go, I can hear her going actually, and I told L once Hr is back in bed she may go.  I recently polled my FB friends asking what is the most frustrating; whining, potty training, teaching to feed.  By far the number one choice is whining.  This morning however, I added sibling fighting.  Since my girls are not even three I can still remember quite vividly how awful each of these has been for us.   I can
remember crying at the wasted food they would throw all over the kitchen.  I am mostly finished with potty training but it still gets stressful when we are out and I fear they are going to have an accident in the middle of a birthday party or other social gathering.  I wonder if most parents are choosing whining because it is in our everyday life and something that doesn’t go away like teaching to feed, or potty training.  I
still rate feeding as one of the worst.  Potty training was absolutely terrible until I mentally prepared myself and then, although difficult, I didn’t lose my cool nearly as much as teaching to NOT waste and DIRTY my house by throwing food or the inevitable and constant whining and fighting.  As I write this article I hear noise from the bedroom.  I
investigate.  Hmm they have somehow in 60 seconds acquired numerous blankets, shoes and Leven has a drink.  Well I guess I’m going to lose today because I am just too worn out to keep fighting.  Thank God I have a shopping date tonight.

Tip o’ the Day: keep a special bowl in their bedroom to put little things they try to take to bed with the.  My girls are always taking bracelets or rubber balls. There is no fight when they put them in the bowl knowing they can get them out afterwards.

Classic Family Morning

Classic morning in the Bergeman house. One little one awake enjoying her special time
with Mommy when the other one calls in a soft whimper from the top of the
stairs. It’s just the voice of her sister being awake that wreaks havoc, competition, craziness. They both suddenly want my attention. They both want to be held. They both want to sit in the corner of the couch where I always sit and they never do. They both want to pet Lola, not Suga’. They both want to go pee-pee right now. They both want the pink cup. Should I go on?

Ok well I’m just listing it out and skipping paragraph format.  Not a very understandable  pile of  points but you get the gist!

-Dog threw up

-H pooped on floor got all over everything, her tummy hurts

-L sprayed dogs with spray and wash

-Had to hose dogs down

-H unraveled about 2 rolls of yarn

-H peed on slide

-Went to pre-school orientation

-Sick babies

-Planted mums

-Two loads of laundry


-Bath after dirty playground

-H bath after poop episode

-Screaming fit over a spider….mommy went to help had screaming fit, daddy to the rescue

-Forgot, again, to return library books, renewed on-line but still incurred $2.40 in fines

-Sick husband

-Forgot to deliver bag to friend….ugggg

-Girls fell asleep in car…after less than a 2 minute drive=now they sleep in running car for over an hour

Hmmmm I think now that I think about it this might have been two days mixed
together….Where’s my coffee???and my wine???Where’s my coffeewine????

Tip o’ the Day: make flowers out of construction paper using lot of cut-outs of their hands as the petals. ps don’t cut each one out individually…ahem Kendall, stack a few sheets of paper and cut 5-6 out at a time.