Vacuuming Suckas

The gift of giving without even knowing is what this morning brought me.  Ignoring the vacuuming all week has come to an end with a future solution to boot! 

As I pulled out the vacuum (pulled out- it doesn’t even have a home so it is usually just sitting in a room), H eagerly asks if she can help me.  Of course, in fact if you clean up your room I will even let you vacuum it all on your own!

L got wind of this and both were in a mad dash to clean their room.  Surprisingly H is a rather neat and tidy child so her room took about 3 minutes and looked perfect.  She, so proudly, vacuumed and did a great job.  L even helped her by holding the cord up.

Then they did L’s room, of course after we all pitched in to help her clean the madness. 

Next they begged to vacuum my room.  Welllllll maybe….Oh Ok!  Why not?  You’ve been good girls today.

As I’m in my office grading more papers, annoying, I hear the inevitable fighting begin.  H ran over L’s foot.   L then, with her freakish strength, knocked H right off her feet.

I walked in my room and declared no more vacuuming with all this fighting and “took” the vacuum cleaner away.  Suddenly the apologies and politeness darted out of them faster than I could even reach for the Dyson.

Well played Kerry, well played!  I’m also glad to know I’m raising little suckas….puh-leaze!


 A woman vacuuming in a skirt and heels?  Yeah right L, get a grip and stop setting high standards.  Keep them low!  Notice how Daddy doesn’t expect much from me?  That’s what you want in a man.

Nice form!


Terrible 2’s or Just Kids

I am going to rip my hair out with the fighting.  It is only 10:00 and the girls have been sent to their rooms twice and put in the corner twice as well.  I finally threatened no baby doll party with Daddy tonight if they keep it up.  Right now they are in their beds telling me they have to go pee-pee.  I hate that because I don’t know if it’s a trick or not.  For fear of an accident I allow H to go, I can hear her going actually, and I told L once Hr is back in bed she may go.  I recently polled my FB friends asking what is the most frustrating; whining, potty training, teaching to feed.  By far the number one choice is whining.  This morning however, I added sibling fighting.  Since my girls are not even three I can still remember quite vividly how awful each of these has been for us.   I can
remember crying at the wasted food they would throw all over the kitchen.  I am mostly finished with potty training but it still gets stressful when we are out and I fear they are going to have an accident in the middle of a birthday party or other social gathering.  I wonder if most parents are choosing whining because it is in our everyday life and something that doesn’t go away like teaching to feed, or potty training.  I
still rate feeding as one of the worst.  Potty training was absolutely terrible until I mentally prepared myself and then, although difficult, I didn’t lose my cool nearly as much as teaching to NOT waste and DIRTY my house by throwing food or the inevitable and constant whining and fighting.  As I write this article I hear noise from the bedroom.  I
investigate.  Hmm they have somehow in 60 seconds acquired numerous blankets, shoes and Leven has a drink.  Well I guess I’m going to lose today because I am just too worn out to keep fighting.  Thank God I have a shopping date tonight.

Tip o’ the Day: keep a special bowl in their bedroom to put little things they try to take to bed with the.  My girls are always taking bracelets or rubber balls. There is no fight when they put them in the bowl knowing they can get them out afterwards.