Day 3 = Finished Bedroom

Every single room in this house is in project mode and if you know me you know that even a tiny mess causes me great anxiety.

Each project is “almost” complete….still doesn’t count; it needs to be complete, checked, finished, whole, donzo, kaput!

But alas; H’s room is all of those things!  Sure we might spruce it up here and there with trinkets or art but for me it is whole.

L’s room is very close.  Abby is coming to do her mural next weekend, the computer stuff still needs to be removed and fill a few hole patches and then her room is complete.

It’s incredible how they each knew whose clothes are whose.  Some clothes were gifts or they picked out but most of their clothes are hand-me-downs or randoms I pick up.  Somehow along the way they divvied them up; same with their toys.

I love opening their closets, aside of the fact they are super organized, and seeing how incredibly different their style is.   L’s is full of dresses and pink while H’s is full of orange, jumpers and shorts.  I never realized how clearly different their taste was until I put together their individual closets.

Anyway, here are some pictures of H’s room and more to come soon of L’s.   Steve built the frames for my curtains and my brilliant friend, Abby, painted the flower mural!  Now we are off to the playground and our pie turned out yummy!

Tigger, Santa and Pooh chillin