Happy Halloween

I love Halloween.  I don’t know why because I’m scared to death of everything.  When the movie Scream came out I watched it during a party and still couldn’t sleep for weeks.  Apparently on the scary scale it isn’t that scary. 

I’ve cried at haunted houses even though I still want to go.  I probably cry because Steve likes to throw me out in front and encourage the freaky masked men to get me.  Now we live out in what I consider the country of the Eastern Shore.  Ok it’s not really out in the sticks but the haunted houses are!  They haven’t heard of being politically correct or boundaries so they still think it’s acceptable to grab you in order to scare you.

Not only that, some of the people working there are not in costume when you think they are.  (Queue the theme song from Deliverance).

Anyway we used to go out and get hammered and have a blast checking out all the costumes when we lived in Ocean City.  Once we moved out this way we started staying home and getting hammered on the front porch with a few friends and hand out candy.  Ya know after all we were living in a civilized community so we wanted to seem neighborly by handing out candy.

Then we had kids and the world changed.  I started plotting out all the fun and amazing fall activities to do.  I used to purchase tons of pumpkins and decorate like a madwoman.  But this year was different.  I came home one day and found the pumpkins lined up like this:

I loved it.   So simple.  The girls set them all out in a line and I couldn’t’ have felt more proud.  A holiday just isn’t a holiday until you have kids.  They bring so much magic it’s amazing.  The photos below are from their first, second and third Halloween.

Last year we had about 30-40 friends over.  The ladies took the kids out while the men stayed back to drink the beer and navigate the masses.  Minimal decorations at best.


The Second year we hit a bar to go trick or treating before hitting the neighborhood and then sitting on the porch enjoying the children by the bus loads rolling in.


Daddy and Jack handing out candy while I took the girls to hit 4 specific houses

And the first year I went over board with about 40 pumpkins and the works.  They dont’ remember a thing but I have great photos and memories.

right side…left looks the same

 As of last week we did have to remove the pumpkins because of Sandy but we are still having a house full even though I won’t be home; Steve will have to navigate alone:)  Happy halloween and I hope everyone has fun, is safe and gets tons of candy!