Classic Family Morning

Classic morning in the Bergeman house. One little one awake enjoying her special time
with Mommy when the other one calls in a soft whimper from the top of the
stairs. It’s just the voice of her sister being awake that wreaks havoc, competition, craziness. They both suddenly want my attention. They both want to be held. They both want to sit in the corner of the couch where I always sit and they never do. They both want to pet Lola, not Suga’. They both want to go pee-pee right now. They both want the pink cup. Should I go on?

Ok well I’m just listing it out and skipping paragraph format.  Not a very understandable  pile of  points but you get the gist!

-Dog threw up

-H pooped on floor got all over everything, her tummy hurts

-L sprayed dogs with spray and wash

-Had to hose dogs down

-H unraveled about 2 rolls of yarn

-H peed on slide

-Went to pre-school orientation

-Sick babies

-Planted mums

-Two loads of laundry


-Bath after dirty playground

-H bath after poop episode

-Screaming fit over a spider….mommy went to help had screaming fit, daddy to the rescue

-Forgot, again, to return library books, renewed on-line but still incurred $2.40 in fines

-Sick husband

-Forgot to deliver bag to friend….ugggg

-Girls fell asleep in car…after less than a 2 minute drive=now they sleep in running car for over an hour

Hmmmm I think now that I think about it this might have been two days mixed
together….Where’s my coffee???and my wine???Where’s my coffeewine????

Tip o’ the Day: make flowers out of construction paper using lot of cut-outs of their hands as the petals. ps don’t cut each one out individually…ahem Kendall, stack a few sheets of paper and cut 5-6 out at a time.