To Shoe or Not to Shoe?

It’s that time again; beautiful autumn. That time of year when I have to go through the clothes and shoes to see what we need.  Luckily, we have some great hand me downs in storage including shoes. 

The girls were super cooperative in trying things on and creating piles for their cousins or Good Will. Now that they are dressing themselves, for the most part, we have a ton of clothes that never get worn because they choose the same pieces over and over.

The same goes with shoes.  They love shoes.  They have a ton of shoes.  I actually blogged about this before because I wanted to see if my “obsession” was normal and I don’t think it is but I think there are many moms out there that understand all the cuteness that comes with dressing a girl.

Below is a photo of their shoes categorized by H’s pile, L’s pile and the giveaway pile.  Notice that L’s pile is much larger than H’s.  I can’t wait to really hit the shopping with her!

top left H, top middle share, top right L, and very bottom for Mallory

This is much less than they had a couple years ago.  Not only do they have all these wonderful shoes we still need a pair of show boots or winter boots and they each need running shoes.

Now I ask is this excessive or normal for a mother of girls?