How Close Can I Keep My Baby Within Reach While Sleeping?


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I’d like to thank Stacy from Mom Woot for talking today about sleeping and how close to keep baby(ies). This is ALWAYS a touchy subject but she does a nice job of being open-minded for all! “How will I keep … Continue reading

How Do Your Kids Sleep – Part Deux

I posted the original post last year and so many of us laughed hysterically about it that I thought I whould create another.  The problem is I have so many photos of them in crazy sleeping positions that I think I have enough material for a part iii and iv.

Some of these crack me up because they are my kids and I can remember the exact moment each photo was taken.  For example the second photo of L falling asleep eating; Steve and I were taking food and putting it on her lips to tease her just to watch her knee-jerk reaction and then the slow decent back into a deep sleep.

I’m intrigued the most by the positions in which they are identical.  Those are so terribly cute.  You will also notice a reoccurring theme with Sugar, the evil pitbull ready to attack.

Either way enjoy every drool, double chin, and pass-out these tinies have endured for my entertainment!

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2009-08-22 13.16.59 2011-04-30 21.13.25 2011-04-30 22.53.44 2011-08-29 14.16.53 2010-02-24 09.03.19 2011-06-08 20.30.17 2011-09-04 01.06.53 2010-11-28 13.19.39 2010-04-14 23.42.00 2011-08-02 21.57.32 2011-08-01 18.24.52

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