A Day in the Life….

…Or just a snow day. I really want to capture a day in my life through the camera but it can’t happen today; Kim is so clever! I will certainly work on this task for next week but for now you will have to settle for a fun snow day!

My girls adore the snow. I love it but if it’s going to snow; snow us in! Not these little sprinkles which only do enough to present us with some beauty followed by mud….kid mud prints and dog mud prints.

None the less snow sure is beautiful and so are the smiles it brings my gals!

IMG_4636 IMG_4627 IMG_4614 IMG_4615 IMG_4618 IMG_4623


Take a peak at all the wonderful little things at the link below!  You won’t be sorry!  My first time visitng I found a pumpkin bread recipe that I’ve made a dozen times now for my little L!


Little by Little

Kim {Little by Little}