Fertility Friday 31- Then and Now

The differences between then and now in going through fertility treatments:

  1. I didn’t know what to expect; ignorance is bliss sometimes people
  2. I didn’t have anyone to talk to or who understood what I was going through-that was super rough.  I now have a great circle of support who knows so much and we help each other tremendously. (esp you Dorie if you are reading this!  I love you buddy!)
  3. Ironically we had plenty of money and not a single debt the first time around and this time we are flat broke- aren’t you supposed to gain more wealth as you get older, not the opposite?
  4. I had freedom to make the trips to the doctors weekly (some weeks 7 days); this time God has been on our side but there is going to be conflict sooner or later with finding sitters last minute (many thanks to my neighbors, Stephanie, and Katy)
  5. Again I had the freedom to be lazy and rest; I won’t have that luxury this time around with the sleepless nights of stress and the early drives to the doctor not to mention the monsters.
  6. Last time we had what it took to go the distance until it worked; this is our one and only shot
  7. The emotions are far worse this time.  I’m not sure if it’s my age, only having one shot, or just knowing the risks but I’m much more emotional
  8. We didn’t know how our life would change with a baby (babies) but this time we know and that makes all of this worth it!

I’m sure there are more but this is a good list.  I’m grateful that we get to do this again and I’m hopeful.

Thank you to all who are strong in your support and love!  We need it especially since the girls want me to have a ton of babies and name them Emily, Megan and Spiderman.


Ten Reasons I’m a Superhero

This is a funny list because all I can think about is being dressed up in a slutty super hero Halloween costume!

Thank you Stasha for the lovely Monday Listicles and Terri for the fun topic!

Without further ado, here is my list!

  1. I gave birth to healthy twins weighing in at 6.7 and 7.1- I am only 5’3 (and a half people) and err on the side of small
  2. I feed my family emotionally- listen to made up songs (including Steve’s), watch beautifully choreographed dances (including Steve’s) or engage in make believe (including Steve’s)
  3. Injuries magically disappear with my sweet kisses
  4. I raised over $4500 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and earned those funds by running a marathon in Alaska- ok so I didn’t run the entire thing I still made it in just over 6 hours
  5. When my girls eat something that I never would have eaten at their age like curry foods or vegetables of every variety I feel like a super duper hero
  6. When my girls instinctively help a friend or give a hug when someone’s sad….ohh that makes me proud
  7. I can put my fears aside and kill a spider IF I have too unfortunately they have already witnessed my ear piercing screams and now are petrified of all bugs
  8. I can hold a crying baby for 8 hours and so can my husband- rewind our life and check out life with little colicky L
  9. I can foresee and prevent disaster such as a fall or spill
  10. My daughter is Spiderman so by default I  AM a superhero


This is why I am a super hero, how about you!??

A Little Love For My H


My bestie bud found this on Pinterest and sent it to me knowing H would just love it as she is obsessed with orangeThis is so great and makes me so happy every time I see it!  Thanks Aunt Tammy!!! We love you!

After she sent this I couldn’t help but think about how unique this little girl is.  She is always so kind but had a total melt down with the full moon the other day (or so I’m guessing that’s why).  She got in so much trouble and was just the opposite of her usual self and ended up falling asleep in my arms crying.

As I was looking through my phone I noticed an array of her personality that just made me smile.

First is her love of orange.

She was putting her clothes away but look at all that orange

She was putting her clothes away but look at all that orange

Second is her love of Spiderman and all boy stuff.  As she was trying on masks telling me who they were I was dumbfounded.  I had no idea who these super heroes were.

Guess who picked out which gift after big ol' shot day at the dr?

Guess who picked out which gift after big ol’ shot day at the dr?

snuggled so tightly in her spiderman hooded blanket

snuggled so tightly in her spiderman hooded blanket

asleep....nobody knows who you ARE!

asleep….nobody knows who you ARE!

I don't know who that is

I don’t know who that is

Third, her love for her Robby doll….creeeeeepy.

Modern day Tell?

Modern day Tell?

And lastly just how much she loves.  She loves with all her heart and more.  She is a girl who knows what she likes and has determination.  She held onto this box of band aides for dear life.  I hate to admit it she wore me down.  I just kept thinking that anyone who fights so hard for something they love, even an $.88 box of superhero band-aides well….she deserved it.


Keep fighting for love and convictions my dear H, it will serve you well!


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