Love or Hate Stickers?

After dropping the girls off, in their actual classroom, with a butt full of stickers, unbeknownst to me, I got to thinking, “do I even like stickers and why the hell is my house always full of them!” What are my thoughts…


  1. Inexpensive
  2. Great gifts for boys or girls
  3. Easy decorating accessory
  4. Keeps kids occupied for hours


  1. Finding Them:   a) on good furniture b) stuck to the floor  c)in another kids hair d) on my butt, unknowingly, when I go places
  2. The Fight:   a) when one runs out first b)when they aren’t the same and they want their sisters c) when I yell at them to stop sticking them on c1) the furniture c2) the floor c3) sister’s hair c4) my butt
  3. The chills I get when I have to scratch the smelly ones
  4. Having to smell the smelly ones
  5. Having to scrape the crap from under my nails after scratching the smelly ones
  6. Having to look at every single sticker in a hundred pack that the neighbor gave them
  7. The stupid stickers they don’t recognize so they ask me over and over “what’s that?”

Overall consensus is…..I still love stickers more than hate despite what the results suggest.

tip o’ the day: check yourself out before leaving the house, esp with little weasles running around.