Great Weekend in NOVA

10822316_10152890771577112_681806800_nThis past weekend we went to Northern Virginia to spend some quality time with the family.  My aunt and her family were in from California so we had a weekend full of fun times including a trip to DC to see the White House and 911 Memorial.  As we drove there my Aunt asked if pedestrians had the right of way like in California.  I said yes why?  And she said then you should have at least 5 tickets.  Hmmm I guess the rules don’t apply to me:)

911 Memorial…God Bless

Their first visit to DC, sun was DIRECTLY IN OUR EYES

The girls learned to roll down BIG hills since we don’t have any where we live, took a walk, and played at the playground…

VA red clay mud is difficult to get out

a walk through the “woods” to get to playground

We also worked as Grammy’s minions raking her yard but reaped the rewards of playing in the leaves and even climbed the trees…

And lastly they learned to ice skate, that was the most fun!

Mommy & Aunt S said I was a natural

 I do everything with my girls without thinking that it might be difficult or too much by myself.  There are very few times I need an extra hand and one of those times is ice skating.  Lord I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have all the help I had.  No way could one person take 2 toddlers alone.  THANKS FAMILY! You are the best!!  We miss you already!!!!