My Life in Numbers

This was so fun to write in honor of my lovely fellow bloggers, Farrah and Greta.  Don’t foget to visit GFunkified to read more link ups on others “Life in Numbers.”

1 number of IVF attempts (success)

1 number of marathons I’ve run

2 number of kids I have

2 number of times I’ve driven cross country

2 number of years I bugged the colleges before one finally hired me

2 number of dogs we currently have

3 number of times I usually drag the kids out of the house per day

3 number of years I’ve been a full time stay at home Mom (small side jobs not included)

3 number of months when I realized I would marry Steve

3 number of dogs we’ve adopted

3 number of pitbulls we’ve owned and loved

3 number of times I pulled into the same pump on the wrong side before I finally gave up and left (baby brain)

4 number of years old my girls will be next month

4 number of major surgeries I’ve had

4 number of eggs I eat a day

4 number of degrees I have (2 associates, 1 BS, 1 MBA) – and none of them prepped me for parenthood

5 number of turtles I had before they caught a virus and died

5 number of days we hit the beach in the summer

6 number of times I’ve been to New Orleans (favorite place)

6 number of IUI attempts

7 number of years before I got pregnant

7 number of kids I wish I could have had

9 number of years I had Marcie and Frankie (turtles)

11 number of years old my Bowie was when he died

12 number of years (almost) that I’ve been married

17 number of years we have been together

20 number of years I’ve lived at the beach (or very close)

38 years I’ve been alive

38 number of states I’ve been to

150 number of minutes until bedtime

I might have to do this again!  You should try it as well!  Link up, leave a comment or do on your own!

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Trails and Turtles and Friends Oh MY!

This has been a terrible week, like horrible.  I want to kick this entire week in the face and start fresh.

With that said we had a nice morning, for the most part.  Of course after, ignited with my bad mood, the girls fought and didn’t listen at all.

But what was nice was our play-date at Pemberton Park.  I really don’t go there with the girls alone, unless there are events going on, because it’s all trails in the woods so I always feel so vulnerable.  It is so beautiful so when anyone ever wants to venture out there I am always on board.

I thought we were just going to play around in the fields but the others wanted to hike; opps NOT prepared.  It was a beautiful walk and luckily I had bug spray but that didn’t stop poor L from losing her flip flops every 15 feet keeping up with her boyfriend nor did it stop H from whining about being tired, and itchy!

making sure Kya doesn’t get sidetracked


After being “lost” in the woods we went into the main house on the property just in time to interrupt the summer camp’s lunch.  It turned out to be a great experience.  Ranger Bob and Ranger Erin come out and showed us some baby turtle eggs and let the kids pet a turtle.

Neat facts I learned today:

  1. The sex of a turtle is determined by the temperature.  So if you have eggs and keep them in temperatures above 80 degrees they will all be female; below they will all be males.  (If that was the case for humans I bet there would be a LOT more women in the world).
  2. A temperature between 76-82 degrees will produce a good mix of both.
  3. This summer the temperatures have been so high that all the egg hatchlings are female which is why they are capturing eggs to incubate in cooler temperatures to bring up the male population.
  4. The female has a much bigger shell to give her room for the eggs.
  5. Lastly there is a photo below but the incubation that humans create for the eggs is completely void of air holes.  All the turtle needs is wrapped up in its shell.

So amazing!  Enjoy the fun photos.  The only advice for this place is to visit in cooler temperatures!