Tasku Babi Review- Part 2- THE FLEECE


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After reviewing and continuing to wear, endlessly, the insanely flawless Tasku Babi 4 in 1 Whole Mama Coat, I thought nothing could be better until…. THIS: A fleece version! WHAT! Designed with the same care and simplicity, this is by … Continue reading

A Coat You Can Wear BEFORE , AFTER And BEYOND Pregnancy : Tasku Babi


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I’ve been asked to review baby wearing coats* before and it’s a difficult product to review. In fact the ones I’ve encountered I’ve actually returned to the maker stating I couldn’t, in good conscience, write a proper review. The coats … Continue reading

New2Two & Damn-It Steve’s Favorites of 2015


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I have a very bittersweet, love/hate relationship with my yearly best of lists. I try to keep it short and simple and really pay homage to the best new products we’ve tried but it’s so hard; there are just way … Continue reading

I Kidnapped my Twins’ Favorite Dolls


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Many of you know about the creepy yet wonderful Robby dolls that have graced my home for almost 6 years. These dolls are my girls, especially H’s, favorite. They go everywhere with us, they have their own wardrobe, and I … Continue reading

My Favorite Things of 2014


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I was trying to get this post out by the first of December but everything has been so chaotic that New2Two has been pushed to the back burner. This is just a small list of the things I absolutely adore … Continue reading

The Truth About the Twingaroo Carrier


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This is a quick look into what a typical day looks like through my eyes. I’m not going to describe the fights, the laughs, the crying, and the whining.  I’m simply going to give you a glance of how we … Continue reading