Fertility Friday 38- So Tired!

Dear Lord, I am amazingly, gratefully, thrilled that I am pregnant.  I don’t want to complain but honestly I have never felt so exhausted in my life.

Every day I wake up it’s like having a vicious hangover; the tired kind.  The kind where you are just too tired to move, motivate, clean, eat or mother.

One of the girls will say “she hit me!”

And I’ll say either “I really don’t care” or “hit her back.”

At that point a full on swinging war of solid fists in a fan like motion go flinging around randomly connecting.  I usually snicker to myself because it is actually rather entertaining.  They are truly out of control in that single moment.

I also secretly smile with pride.

These are two little badda** girls that are throwing down to defend herself.  I smile thinking they will be safe from the mounds of perverts out there or the intensely increasing popularity of bullying.

Will they be the bully?  They better not because this Mommy will in fact beat the crap out of them if I ever find out they bullied anyone.  Sounds counterproductive right?  Neither Steve nor I were bullies so I think we are safe there….I hope.

I’m just saying I’m proud they are showing a little feisty in this maddening world.

I’m totally digressing; back to the whining.

It is much more difficult being five years older with twins 4 year olds running around but I have a wildly high amount of energy so this is just unacceptable.

These little fetuses are draining me like whore on a rich old man.  I just don’t know how to increase my energy level.

I eat tons of fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated and take the girls on a walk albeit short it is a walk non-the-less.   My sleep is a little rough since I have to pee about 5 times a night.

Other than that I don’t think I can survive another 7 months like this.

Is there any advice from all you lovely moms out there?

Oh and please don’t mention age…..I just found out I can technically be classified as elderly in the pregnancy community!  Come on!  Elderly!

It must have been a male doctor that coined that category!

How Do Your Kids Sleep – Part Deux

I posted the original post last year and so many of us laughed hysterically about it that I thought I whould create another.  The problem is I have so many photos of them in crazy sleeping positions that I think I have enough material for a part iii and iv.

Some of these crack me up because they are my kids and I can remember the exact moment each photo was taken.  For example the second photo of L falling asleep eating; Steve and I were taking food and putting it on her lips to tease her just to watch her knee-jerk reaction and then the slow decent back into a deep sleep.

I’m intrigued the most by the positions in which they are identical.  Those are so terribly cute.  You will also notice a reoccurring theme with Sugar, the evil pitbull ready to attack.

Either way enjoy every drool, double chin, and pass-out these tinies have endured for my entertainment!

2009-09-04 13.34.35
2009-08-22 13.16.59 2011-04-30 21.13.25 2011-04-30 22.53.44 2011-08-29 14.16.53 2010-02-24 09.03.19 2011-06-08 20.30.17 2011-09-04 01.06.53 2010-11-28 13.19.39 2010-04-14 23.42.00 2011-08-02 21.57.32 2011-08-01 18.24.52

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Fertility Friday 36- And They Grow

Monday May 6 was a BIG day in this family.  It was the day I got to see the ultrasound and confirm that the pregnancy blood work was accurate!

There is a fear when going through this entire struggle that it’s never going to work; that it would be just too good to be true.  Why do we infertile women ever think that?  We go through hell to get pregnant!

But still the fear sits there nice and cozy in your heart and in your mind.

After having a miscarriage the fear doubles.  When you lie down on that table and expect to see a heartbeat and the nurse makes “that” face, that unforgettable face you know.   How hard her job must be to pass along that horrible news.

But on May 6th those fears were gone because I was indeed pregnant; am indeed pregnant.  However of the two embryos we put in only one took.  BUT that little stinker split.  So we are now having identical twins.  That is very rare; very rare as in 1 in 35,000 apparently according to one site. That statistic is off…by a lot.  It seems that identical twins occur 1 in about 285 cases of twins and that having 2 sets of twins is only 1 in 10,000.

As always the doctor just laughed because I am such a unique patient which I have heard before, many times.

With identical twins the risk is even higher than fraternal.  However with that being said I have luckily been given the best situation.  Each baby has their own amniotic sac inside the chorion. So basically each baby is in his own bubble in my bubble.  They can still steal each other’s food but the chance of cell sharing and entanglement is near diminished.

I think I have that all correct.  I’m still thinking what the hell is Steve going to do with 2 sets of twin girls so while I am praying for healthy babies, boys would be nice.

They did warn me that until 8 weeks there is a chance of losing one.   How heartbreaking?

But today was the day; the day that my chances of losing one of the twins fell to 5%.  The four of us got up at 6:00 to hit the road and see what God had in store for us and twins is was and twins it is!

This is so nerve racking and the entire time I was thinking “how in the world does a woman make it her entire pregnancy with only 2 ultrasounds?”   But then again that is ideal because that means she is neither old nor high risk.

I’m a little over 8 weeks and graduated from the fertility specialist today and now I’m on to my high-risk doctor and obgyn.  The remaining 7 months will be filled with appointments 2-3 times a month.

I’ve been there before I can do it again.

We are so stinking excited that our little family is growing.

I thought I would share the 3 stages of my pregnancy so far.

Day of implantation


Week 6- See the two little circles? That’s them!


Week 8 (today)- Look how close they have gotten (how big) in just two weeks!


Now that’s how you roll out of MAY!  Booya!

Ten Reasons I’m a Superhero

This is a funny list because all I can think about is being dressed up in a slutty super hero Halloween costume!

Thank you Stasha for the lovely Monday Listicles and Terri for the fun topic!

Without further ado, here is my list!

  1. I gave birth to healthy twins weighing in at 6.7 and 7.1- I am only 5’3 (and a half people) and err on the side of small
  2. I feed my family emotionally- listen to made up songs (including Steve’s), watch beautifully choreographed dances (including Steve’s) or engage in make believe (including Steve’s)
  3. Injuries magically disappear with my sweet kisses
  4. I raised over $4500 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and earned those funds by running a marathon in Alaska- ok so I didn’t run the entire thing I still made it in just over 6 hours
  5. When my girls eat something that I never would have eaten at their age like curry foods or vegetables of every variety I feel like a super duper hero
  6. When my girls instinctively help a friend or give a hug when someone’s sad….ohh that makes me proud
  7. I can put my fears aside and kill a spider IF I have too unfortunately they have already witnessed my ear piercing screams and now are petrified of all bugs
  8. I can hold a crying baby for 8 hours and so can my husband- rewind our life and check out life with little colicky L
  9. I can foresee and prevent disaster such as a fall or spill
  10. My daughter is Spiderman so by default I  AM a superhero


This is why I am a super hero, how about you!??

I Became That Lady

My guest today is one of my best blogger buds, Farrah from The Three Under She is an amazing mother of twin 2 year olds and a, young, four year old.  Her family recently moved to the Netherlands where she is in an entirely new world full of calm kids (not in America), biking as transportation (not in America) and crazy kitchen appliances (not in America)!  HA! I tease.  But she is amazing in her journey and it is so intriguing to watch her adjust to a new world, traveling all over, blogging about it and doing it with such ease.  She is a Mom to be admired on all fronts!  I am so honored that she is here with me today (again); well with you.  I’m on a boat in the middle of nowhere!  Enjoy!


When I was planning my wedding, I remember my mother telling me that three was a perfect number. We were trying to decide how to do the centerpieces for the reception tables and she told me that I would need three votives on each table to compliment the vase in the center. Something about the way she said ‘Three is a good number’ just stuck with me and I have to admit- agrees with us on the number of children in our family.


Pre-wife-life I wasn’t sure I wanted kids. I was a high school teacher and I liked the kids that I taught in Michigan well enough- but babies? I didn’t understand them; so needy and dependent. I didn’t feel like I was up for the job of caring for someone or something so small and delicate. Notice I didn’t even take into account all of the personal freedom that disappears with kids- it was more or less the logistics of things. Oh and then there was pregnancy. Forget it. I fainted at getting a hemoglobin check so birth was absolutely out of the question.


Obviously… I changed my mind. We had our son in 2009 and our lives completely changed in the best way possible. I remember sitting on our bed nursing him and thinking I had never been so content in my entire life. All that mattered in that moment was where I was- who I was with, and what I was doing. The rest of the world could go to hell and I didn’t give a darn.


A year later we decided to have #2. Lucky as we were- we again got pregnant on the very first try. I loved our son- and wanted another (son, please? please universe?!) but I loathed the pregnancy.  To me, pregnancy was a means to an end and although I loved having kids- getting them was another story. To my (shock, fear, delight) amazement we found out that there were twins in there- which would give us the magical #3 of children without enduring 3 pregnancies. I was thrilled. But— but—BUT…. Three kids under 2? WHAT THE HELL WAS I GOING TO DO???


The other day a memory came to me. I was in my second trimester before the bed rest and all that drama- so still out running errands. Brody was about 15 months old and we were on our way to collect some twin-necessity Craigslist purchases from a lady nearby. I remember it was hot– spring in South Carolina usually is- so I was sweating by the time I got to her house and B out of his car seat. I waddled up to her front door and rang the bell. A little face appeared at the window and darted away. Footsteps. We waited.


She opened the door and as B and I stood with his fat and sweaty little hand in mine, we peered inside. There were three partially dressed kids in her living room running from here to there and prevented by a gate from entering the hallway where we were standing. They were loud and crazy and I didn’t want to know if they were all hers. In fact I remember thinking ‘Woah. So she’s got twins and she watches someone else’s kid too?’


She saw me watching them and smiled. “Those are my twins- they’re 2. And that’s my oldest. He’s 4.” she said as she eyed my son.


She knew.


I was looking into my future.


And she knew I knew.


At the time I remember thinking holy crap. Two toddlers and a ‘big kid’! They were fighting and running and screeching and omgthatisgoingtobemylife. In fact, that was the exact same age difference and that is exactly where we are right now. Four, two and two. And they’re loud and crazy awesome. Funny how a memory comes to you like that.


The Three Under is a twins + 1 blog written by Farrah- mom of three boys living as an expat in The Netherlands. Life wasn’t nearly difficult enough in the states- so her family decided to take their show on the road to Europe. Laugh along with her on their journey via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@Momofthreeunder).