Let’s Start Over…Seriously


I woke up to a frantic H, hitting me saying, “ Sugar puked your new carpet, Sugar puked on your new carpet.”

I jumped up and ran downstairs.  On my way, sprinting, to the laundry room for cleaner before the stain set, I slipped in pee!  Nearly busting my butt I screamed which caused a chain reaction from the girls.


In the laundry room I stripped out of my pants since the hem was soaked with urine and luckily there was another pair, non-pregnancy, sitting there so I squeezed into them.

I cleaned everything up, including the additional one by the back door and retreated to my bed to try to start this morning over.

Before my eyes could close I had to break up 3 fights, finally leading to a time out.   I told the girls not to come out of their room until I told them.

Between the 10 minutes of shut eye I did manage to get, H was nicely in her room following her orders while I heard a war of balloon hitting coming from L’s.  Someone has aggression issues.

I finally let them out of their rooms and tried once again to get a few more seconds of sleep.

This morning was shot when I felt a tapping on my shoulder and H was showing off her beautifully wet slicked back hair.

Two seconds later L came in with a soaking wet head as well.

There was nothing to do at this point.  I was all screamed out from yesterday and we are heading to Virginia in a few hours so I needed to change my attitude fast before I was trapped in a car with them for 3 hours.

The only thing I said was, “did you clean up the water that got on the floor?”  Because you know there has to be a ton of water somewhere.

H, with the sweetest smile, said, “No, mommy, we cleaned up the bench and the floor.  They both go really wet especially when L stuck her whole head in the sink and flipped it back. It was really funny.”

Dear ladies and gentlemen, this all happened before 8:45, ridiculous.  I am not a morning person and I thought my kids weren’t either.  I’m off to make a pot of coffee and pray this day turns around.

How did your morning start?

UPDATE: 10:47

L: when’s this lotion going to come out of my hair?

Me: what?

L: Daddy’s lotion (hair gel)

Me: I thought you only put water in your hair?

Then she rubs her head on my butt since I am doing the dishes and can’t cater to her immediately.  Now I have to shower them before we leave and change my pants….ERG!

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