23 Ways to Tire Out Your Kids for FREE

I don’t know about you but I have very energetic gals.  Some say just like their Mom; I say like their Dad!  But either way they get bored at times so we get creative on how to wear them out so they release all that energy in time for sweet, sweet bedtime.

Here is our list….

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Hop on hippity hops
  3. Go to a playground
  4. Walk through the zoo
  5. Go to the pool or beach
  6. Take a bike ride or scooter ride
  7. Go on a bouncy house or bounce on the bed
  8. Play a game of tag
  9. Kick a soccer ball around
  10. Turn the fans off so they sweat to death
  11. Run through the sprinkler
  12. Jump on a trampoline
  13. Chase bubbles
  14. Wrestle
  15. Play hide and seek
  16. Let them help drag the hose to water the plants and yard
  17. Take a hike
  18. Have a scavenger hunt
  19. Dump a bag of 50 plastic balls in the yard and have them each collect a color as fast as they can
  20. Teach them to hula hoop- hysterical!
  21. Have relay races
  22. Play dodge ball or baby
  23. Just go outside!  Rain, snow, sun….just go!

Or you could just rent Steve for the day and do one of the following…. get tossed, walk the plank, indo board, or almost die in a baby pool.

You decide.  What am I missing?  What fun the summer brings but most of these you can do in the chilly temperatures also…most I said.
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