“Ten” Cravings

This week’s Monday Listicles is brought to us by Stasha’s husband and it’s all about food; ten favorite meals to be exact.

My taste buds have been all out of whack these days.  I have a few staple meals that I go to whenever my man says. “What are you in the mood for?”  However, these days the cravings are inconsistent and not the usually me diet.

I’ve made my list based on the ten items I’m eating these pregnant days.

  1. Grilled cheese with tomato slices- this was at the beginning
  2. Vegi-wrap from this little deli down the road- a nice treat
  3. Vegi-pizza from a brewery around the corner- another treat
  4. Chicken chimichangas- I typically don’t eat meat, cow dairy or highly processed foods but these scream my name daily, like 2-4 times daily at 11 grams of fat! Yowza!!
  5. Milkshakes!!!!  Yum!!  Again with the cow dairy but I use almond milk for a kick of protein
  6. Pizza- anytime, all the time
  7. Honey-nut cheerios with vanilla almond milk

Well that’s only seven, lucky number seven.  I haven’t been in the mood for vegetables, eggs or water, which are all such a big part of my diet.

I guess my body knows what it wants and needs during this time so I am listening to it big time; big time as in big fat, big calories, and big butt.

Oh well, 9 months of animals and Gatorade will hopefully produce some chubby, healthy babies!  I’m just going to have to be extra careful when they pop out!

What were your cravings???

16 thoughts on ““Ten” Cravings

  1. isn’t it funny what the prego hormones crave? I remember dying for chocolate milk, cherry pie, and tomato soup…now I really don’t care for cherry pie and tomato soup…well just looking at it makes me gag, LOL

  2. 1) Next time try tomatoes and spinach in your grilled cheese. YUM.
    2) 1st Baby: Shrimp Broil with shrimp, crab, potatoes, corn on the cob and sausage.
    2nd baby: M&M McFlurries and Watermelon Snocones
    3rd baby: Margaritas – well tequila – so I spent the entire pregnancy frustrated and angry. 😉

    • ha! I love that you remembered each and I will totally try that. I need more veggies in this crazy pregnancy diet!
      BEER!!!!!!!!! or margaritas….either will do

  3. I always crave something sweet, preferably chocolate. But I remember craving hard boiled eggs and salty stuff when I was pregnant. As far as cravings go, yours aren’t so bad (ok, except for the chimichangas). But you are having twins – indulge!!

  4. It sounds like you are mostly vegetarian so I hope I don’t offend you with what my cravings were, but it was bacon cheeseburgers, like, all the time, when I was pregnant with my first 2. My 3rd pregnancy was lots of mashed potatoes, fresh fruit (especially pineapple) and cottage cheese. My 4th pregnancy was chocolate, and my 5th and final pregnancy was chocolate milk, oranges, and yogurts. I should note that my first pregnancy, I couldn’t eat chocolate at all, at that little boy doesn’t like chocolate (Gasp!) and my 2nd pregnancy was plain Hershey bars and Pepsi, too. Hubby would have to make special trips for Hershey bars and Pepsi, and if he brought back anything other than those 2 items specifically, he was sent back to the store for the right kind. Hehe. Enjoy your pregnancy. Babies are little angels sent from Heaven.

    • hahahaha You’re reply was awesome! MAN you had some specific cravings and I love it. Totally not offended at all. Every pregnancy I craved burgers during the first month or two. The body knows what it wants and needs.

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