Ten Places I’ve Kissed

This is a hot topic!  Steamy from the head on down!  Movies have been made to revolve around a single kiss!  It’s the most beautiful part of love.  A kiss can make or break the deal.  It can make your heart skip, your knees weak, your mind stupid!

And oh how I have kissed!  I’m not called the kissing bandit for nothing!

I’ve kissed:

  1. Butts
  2. Legs and knees
  3. Ears
  4. Cheeks
  5. Foots and toes

I’ve kissed:

  1. On a slide
  2. In many parking lots
  3. In all my cars
  4. In the woods
  5. In the ocean and so much more!

Get your minds out of the gutter!  Those 10 all belong to my baby girls!

Now race on over to see who, what, and where others have kissed at Monday Listicles with my gal Stasha!


PS Thank you Stasha for linking me up while I was away the week before last!  I couldn’t even fathom the thought of not being a part of your wonderful MONDAY LISTICLES even though playing catch up from vacation caused me to miss last week booo!  I love spring too!

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