Ten Things I Have a Crush On

This week’s listicle is a difficult one because I love so much stuff!  The idea of Ten Things I Have a Crush On is brought to you by the fantasic Kelly at “Just a Click Away” which is very close to being on my crush list.

My list, aside of the chocolate milk, is pretty standard and has been for years so while I wanted to add things like museums, book  stores, photography and ferris wheels, this list is making me happy today!

  1. David Beckham.  It’s hard for me to look at him he is so beautiful.  I mean who needs Shades of Grey when he is in the world.

    Hubba Hubba

    Hubba Hubba

  2. Social Media even though it steals hours of my life and I pretend I don’t love it….
  3. My fetuses!  Duh!  They are awesome; I mean seriously growing a baby is an insane miracle and I never tire of their endless kicks!
  4. My girls.  They are hysterical and annoying which is a perfect combination.
  5. Chocolate milk mixed with vanilla almond milk….yum. cures the toughest of heartburn!
  6. Martha Stewart…she’s an icon no matter how irritating she can be
  7. Guilty Pleasure-The Housewives of OC!!  I am amazed that people act, look and live like that
  8. The Redskins…yes, they are sucking bad this season but I will always love them. HAIL
  9. Leggings.  They are so comfy and I’m so glad they are in style.
  10. My husband.  He is the most irritating person in the world and I would have it no other way  man kissing fish

What are you crushing on these days?  Anything exciting that I can say ” darn!  I wish I put that on my list!!!”

17 thoughts on “Ten Things I Have a Crush On

  1. Ah, leggings. One of the great things about the weather cooling downs is that I can get mine out of the spare closet. I love the fact that they’re such a bargain, so versatile, and amazingly comfy. I buy them for $5 at Forever 21.

  2. Leggings! YES! I live in them. My only complaint is the lack of pockets so I bought a crossbody bag from Etsy. That works super swell. I’m thrilled with the cooler weather that makes wearing leggings much more feasible!

    Vanilla almond milk…rare is it to find someone else who loves it! YUM-AY

    Social media made me laugh. I announced on FB today that I was going to break down and join Instagram. I somehow got busy and have yet to add it to my apps. I’ll get there…when I’m not to busy with FB and Twitter. 😀

  3. Darnit! Where can I follow via email? It’s been one of those days…I need some help. I also want to be able to stalk your clean eating tab when I’m wide awake at 3am.

    • haha YOU ARE TOO FUNNY! I don’t know how to do the e-mail. Is it at the bottom??? I’m soooooo dumb with this stuff. Maybe I should figure that out.
      hahaha let me know if that works.

  4. yes leggings are so comfy.

    how are those babies doing? rubs that belly…what a blessing.

    right now I am totally crushing..well I always crush on chocolate and Jackson Rathbone…

  5. I’m blushing!! that’s the sweetest thing anyone has said to me all day…what a nice shout out!!! First…LOVE your header and those gorgeous babies…oh my. Mr DB…is a hottie for sure…my star crush is Ryan Gosling….(swoon) I JUST bought my winter boots and haven’t worn leggings…uhm….since ever…but now that I know where to get some….I jsut might have to hop on over to Forever 21 and pick a pair or two up! Great crushes…and thanks for popping by my blog. 🙂

    • thanks! He is so gross hahaha yeah if you want to lose weight definitely don’t do leggings, not tha they won’t look good but you will never lose weight because you will be too comfy too care !

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