Ten Things Summer

This week’s Monday Listicle is all about things that remind you of summer or signs that summer is here.  There are just too many so I jotted my list in about 5 minutes so as not to give it too much thought.

I’m in love with this time of year; everyone is happy and tired early!

  1. Greasy hairlines from too much sunblock
  2. Sand everywhere
  3. The smell of chlorine
  4. The torturous sound of the ice cream man
  5. Sundresses and flip-flops
  6. Fans
  7. Fresh garden pickings for dinner (although this years garden is rather weak thanks to the insane amount of rabbits)
  8. Early sleepy heads
  9. Double baths/showers sometimes even three
  10. Fireworks, every weekend

These pictures sum it up; can’t you hear the screaming and laughter?

IMG_7591 IMG_7571 IMG_7565

IMG_7559 IMG_7603 IMG_7598

So what are your favorite sights, sounds, smells that summer is here???

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20 thoughts on “Ten Things Summer

  1. Those photos are fantastic! How much fun is that?!? My kids wish I could throw them that high.
    I cannot stand sand. A beach would be so much fun without it.
    Fortunately, the ice cream man doesn’t come to the country.
    And lastly, I so love the smell of chlorine. Were you saying it as a positive or a negative? 🙂

    • Thank you!! ohhhh I love sand but it really can be a pain…. positive. It’s harsh but I know when they smell it’s because they are having fun!

  2. Gorgeous pics. I love cut grass turning brown, blue skies til late at night and the smell of someone’s barbeque lingering in the air. And the sea.

    (re: #4, have you considered telling them that the van only makes the jingly sound when it’s driving away?)

    • ohhh cut grass!!! oh man all those are great! And no I didn’t! Great idea. Maybe I should make my ringtone the ice cream man song so they start to not even recognize the real thing….

  3. Those are awesome action shots. I would be having a heart attack, but I know that goes on here, too. I just look away. 🙂 Oh and that dang piped piper, ice cream man! Not paying $5 for a popcicle. <—Party pooper.

    For us, summer is pool days, lightening bugs, ice tea, tomatoes, basil, and sleeping late!

    • oh I am the queen of looking away! The water doesn’t scare me though, it’s when he flings them on the bed or just in the air that scares me. I had to get used to him being so wild with them:) Oh I LOVE the smell of tomatoe plants!!!

  4. Those are awesome pics. I wanna come play at your house. Something is tearing through my garden as well, ants I think, The squirrels have stripped every cherry and peach off my trees, so much for the unexpected bonus of fruit trees at the new place.

    • OH you should- we have a great time! Oh damn I wish I peach and cherry trees…I’ll add that to my list, my dogs scare all squirrels away so we might be safe….but birds….

  5. Now THAT looks like fun! I do love the smell of chlorine. I’m always a little sad when we make our last trip to the pool for the season!

  6. Fabulous list! You know, with that pool, you could cut down on the bath time because we all know that in the summertime, a day at the pool = chlorine bath! Done! 🙂

  7. Ah, summer. Probably my favourite things are just not having to wear jackets for a while & putting the umbrellas & gumboots away for a month or two. 🙂

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