Ten Tips for Beach Success – Even With Twins in Tow

I’ve been living at the beach for almost 22 years and I’ve really honed in on what makes my days, with twins and more twins, successful.

Here are some of my easy top favorites:

  1. SUNBLOCK! Sun Bum is our current favorite!
    1. Lotion up 30 minutes before you head out
    2. Keep spray for reapplying to a wet or sandy body
    3. Don’t forget those lips and have a chap stick with sunblock available alwaysBeach and sunblock with twins
  2. Make baby powder a staple in your bag to dust sand off your body and bags
  3. For girls, always use a two piece. Pulling a wet bathing suit down to change a diaper or go potty is sticky, frustrating business
  4. Pack frozen fruit for a refreshing snack and to keep the items in your cooler cool. Other good foods that freeze well are go-gurts, fruit snacks, most fruits and even their drinks.
  5. Speaking of coolers, pack a few little ones instead of one big one. You can put them in bags, under the stroller or toddler hands can even carry one
  6. Stick your phone in a zip lock baggie; keeps sand and water out and you can still talk and take pictures through the plastic
  7. Have the kiddos use rain boots to walk on the beach. Not only does it look super cute but it keeps their feet from getting burned- socks and shoes let sand in while flip flops flick sand up the backs of their legsBeach and boot with twins
  8. Roll towels and clothes; you can get so much more in your beach bag.
  9. Invest in a wet bag. At the end of the day all the wet clothes can go into the bag to keep the contents of you beach bag dry. Make sure the bag you invest in has a clip so you can clip it to your beach bag handle
  10. And ALWAYS use a Frulu 😊Beach Blanket frulu with twins

I have many more tips and tricks coming up, focusing on packing for a beach day! Stay tuned and feel free to share any tips or tricks that have or even have NOT worked for you!


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