Ten Tips for a Successful Beach Day

Yeah, yeah the summer is almost over but we can still all learn a lot from this list of ten beach tips to make your beach day great. AND it’s an update to the one I wrote earlier in the season. Well, almost exactly but I felt compelled to do it again. LOL.  It is in no certain order and there is always more to add but this is a great start!

  1. SUNBLOCK! We adore Sun Bum-it’s as close to perfection in our eyes as you can get. They are an amazingly eco-friendly company and we can always get behind that.
    1. Lotion up 30 minutes before you head out
    2. Keep spray for reapplying to a wet or sandy body
    3. Don’t forget those lips (and ears) and have a chap stick with sunblock available always. We use the face stick on our lips. 
  2. For girls, always use a two piece. Pulling a wet bathing suit down to change a diaper or go potty is sticky, frustrating business.
  3. Pack frozen fruit for a refreshing snack and to keep the items in your cooler cool. Other good foods that freeze well are go-gurts, fruit snacks, most fruits and even their drinks.
  4. Always have corn starch (or baby powder;). A staple in your bag to dust sand off your body and bags (you need to be dry- won’t work on a wet body.) Quick tip- makes sense to buy the larger value size but that is too bulky and heavy to carry around. Take a small baby powder and pop the top off with a dull knife. This works great or you can use an empty spice jar. 
  5. Speaking of coolers, pack a few little ones instead of one big one. You can put them under the stroller or toddler hands can even carry one.
  6. Stick your phone in a zip lock baggie; keeps sand and water out and you can still talk and take pictures through the plastic.
  7. Have the kiddos use rain boots to walk on the beach. Not only does it look super cute but it keeps their feet from getting burned- socks and shoes let sand in while flip flops flick sand up the backs of their legs. Try to get the ones with the little loops at the top so you can clip them to your bag.
  8. Roll towels and clothes; you can get so much more in your beach bag.
  9. Invest in a wet bag. At the end of the day all the wet clothes can go into the bag to keep the contents of you beach bag dry. Make sure the bag you invest in has a clip so you can clip it to your beach bag handle.
  10. And ALWAYS use a Frulu 😊 Keeps the contents inside clean and dry.

Hopefully these tips will help make your beach day a little easier. If you have any beach tips to share please do so below!!

Next up? How #DamnItSteve and I pack super efficiently for a family of 6 to spend an entire day at the beach. When I day entire day, I mean at least 8 hours. 

Happy beach days!!

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