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Oh boy, what to be thankful for this week? After cleaning crap and throw up, poopy diapers and scrubbing floors, I have found a laundry list of things to be thankful for this holiday vacation.

While not the typical list it is still a list of thanks.

  1. Thankfully the flu bug is quick lived. It hits hard, very hard but seems to be gone within a day or two.
  2. Nothing is better than a holiday spent with friends who we consider family. This every other year tradition is amazingly happy heart filling.Thanksgiving dinner with cousins
  3. While the crap was plenty, my bathrooms have never been cleaner!
  4. We were all able to knock off those unwanted holiday pounds. Just a few trips to dump it out of our bodies by one of the means our body is capable of releasing waste and we are back at our pre-stuffing-our-face weights.
  5. No work for Steve. Ever since he entered the retail world we rarely see him on the holidays, weekends and evenings. It was so nice to have a couple days in a row to relax as a family.
  6. We made ornaments from scratch; messy but fun!Salt ornaments for Christmas gifts
  7. While I can’t stand the Elf on the Shelf, watching the girl’s faces light up each morning that they search and find him is brilliant.Thanksgiving Elf on the Shelf in a wreath
  8. The window repair company came out and fixed the van window on the dreadful black Friday (at cost) woohoo.
  9. Speaking of black Friday, I will never understand why people go out then. I have yet to believe the deals are worth the headache. Luckily my shopping is almost complete and has been.
  10. Lastly and if it was worth ready I would make a ten point list that reads: I am thankful for nothing more than my family.

Once again thank you to Lizzi and her fun crew for hosting Ten Things of Thankfulness. It always helps remind me of what is important.

Happy holidays!!


Ten Things of Thankful

7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Flu – TToT

  1. This is like the ‘Silver Linings with Shit and ALWAYS some carrot’ version! Dude, I’m way impressed that you managed to be SO thankful for stomach flu!

    I hope you’re all better now.

    And YAY van window 😀

  2. Hands down, funniest thankful list. I was actually laughing out loud at number 4.

    Glad you were able to have Steve at home for a few days straight. Hopefully it wasn’t because he was messing up the bathroom.

    I don’t go out for black Friday either, but I can’t say that my shopping is almost done. More like barely started.

  3. you totally had me with,
    While not the typical list it is still a list of thanks.

    (don’t tell Christine I said that, as I’m always trying to find the secret path to Normal Listville.)

    ….no, no luck yet finding it.

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