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Last week I had my TToT almost complete, all about family, when I got sick and couldn’t participate in their 25th anniversary party!  But I heard it was a successful blast!  I’m going to save that post for next week and talk about the lovely holiday we had.

Every holiday we are going, going, going and it gets exhausting.  Thanksgiving is the one exception.  We “typically” stay home and while we adore my family, it is so nice to wake up lazy and watch the Macy’s Day Parade and just eat and be our little family.

This is the last holiday we have as a family of four; by Christmas we will officially be a family of six.  This is so exciting but sad at the same time.  I know my heart is big enough to love more babies but at this moment I just can’t imagine loving anyone more than H & L.

Onto the list before I get sappy.

1- Traditions.  We are a family that loves them.  The girls were so excited to wake up and watch the parade and drink their juice from wine glasses.

parade with my dog

2- Snuggle time.  I rarely get it but it is good when I do!

3- Relax time.  It’s rare that I’ve completed everything I need to do in order to relax and snuggle.

beautiful sleeping face

4- Steve.  What a great father and his girls adore him.

5- My chef.  He’s also a great cook.  Thank God because I can’t cook at all.  Well I take that back, I have no desire to cook.  Sad, I know.

daddy are you listening

6- Compassion.  We have done well teaching our girls to love animals.  They are very familiar with the humane society, adopting and donating.  Why purchase from a breeder when there are so many amazing dogs that need homes.  So silly to me.

pit bull lap time

7- Naps. H’s first nap of the holiday.  Out cold.

8- Education.  The have such a blast with on-line educational tools that they don’t even realize they are learning.

asleep with my computer

9- Advocate.  I feel lucky to have a husband that shares in the love of rescuing animals.  I don’t know how many times he has chased down strays to find their owners but it is such a nice relief to see such compassion in one man…my man.

snugglig with my dog

10- Daughters. At the end of the day these two love each other so much.  I love this picture because they are sound asleep holding hands and that makes all the fighting and devilish behavior melt away.

twins asleep holding hands

I’m sure everyone has their own list of Thankfulness and it is truly never ending.  Sometimes, on our roughest of days, it is difficult to find it but it’s there.

What are you thankful for today?


Ten Things of Thankful

16 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thanks- TToT

  1. This is all completely beautiful, Kerry, and I LOVE it. Gorgeous photos and a gorgeous family, and you’re right – SO MANY things to be thankful for.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and you will definitely find that love in your heart – I expect you’ll suddenly find yourself completely swamped by it, and have a wonderful Christmas wondering how you were ever just a family of four!

    Have a gorgeous weekend.

    (also, the pic of the girls holding hands – pretty much my favourite on the whole internet this week)

    • You should be a professional commenter. Your words always as so sweet and make a person (well me anyway) feel like I’m the best blogger in the world!
      I hope you have a great weekend too! xoxo

  2. SIGH! What beautiful thoughts and photos! Soon a family of six…very exciting… I can see how you would wonder at your capacity to love more than you do but soon you will wonder how you could wonder how you did it with just four!

  3. The photo of your girls holding hands is so sweet! Congratulations on your upcoming little ones; I’m sure by Christmas a family of 6 will seem as “normal” as your current family of 4. (I’ve got 5 kids, and each child changes the family dynamics a bit, but the “new normal” is quickly established with each new arrival.)

    • What great words! FIVE!! Jealous. haha maybe not after I have these 2 but you are right, they do change but I’m sure the new normal will come fast and beautiful.

  4. ‘dog and husband…couch’ what a great photo!

    Agree with Michelle, the sepia tone very nice, the whole list reads so quietly energetic… this has been quite the (TToT) Weekend for the amazingly creative Posts!

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