The Beach WILL NOT Defeat ME!

Life at the beach has certainly changed over the years.  Once I moved to OC I was within walking distance for ten years.  During those years my days would consist of a towel and chair.  Some days I had a bag with a magazine and a few beers.

It was so easy.  If I forgot something I would just head home.

It was just me and my friends.

Now it still my friends and me but my friends are little people that I have to take care of.

Over the last 5 years hitting the beach has been an adventure in errors.  An experience in figuring out what I truly need to get through a full day.  We can’t walk to the beach anymore so I need to be armed with everything in one trip.

Initially when the girls were just months old, I only went to the beach with another person that could help me.

Once they started rolling and crawling it wasn’t worth the hassle so I packed up after the seventh face plant full of sand and went home for the remainder of the summer.

The next summer the girls were one and I got one of these fancy bike attachments. I used it to go jogging, walking, biking but not to the beach until one day I was fed up with all the other options; stroller(s) and wagon.

Nothing worked well hauling all my things except this:


I would plop the girls in there with my cooler, umbrella, toys and mini bag in the back storage area and  sometimes I would have an additional back that I carried.  Once I hit the sand I would turn it around and pull them, slightly tilted so only the big tires were on the ground and glide to my spot.

We did that for the next couple years until they were old enough, three, to walk. We finally had our system down and it looked a little something like this:

beach bag necessaties

All the necessities laid out:

  • phone with a plastic baggie that you could talk and take picture through
  • hats
  • extra bathing suits, change of clothes, sweatshirt in case it got chilly
  • jelly fish kit
  • various lotions (lotion them down before I left the house, then use spray once they get sandy)
  • baby wipes
  • desitin; a cure all
  • towels
  • grocery bags for trash, wet clothes, whatever
  • snacks and cups/plastic utensils
  • baby powder (in case you didn’t know this gets the sand off in a snap, not wet sand but dry-incredible)

Next the cooler:


What you don’t see since this is a family blog is the beer. YUM!

It all fits nice and snug in my bags.009008007

The main issue the girls had was the hot sand.  Flip flops, water shoes and most other shoes still flip the sand onto the back of their legs and into their shoes so they use their rain boots instead.

20130721_140413_resizedWorks like a charm and they look super cute!

Now that the babies are here I can’t seem to get a system down.  My biggest hurdle is getting everything and everyone ON the beach.  Once I’m there my next big hurdle is when the big girls have to go potty.

They pee in the ocean like most people but the other….

Today was our fourth time and each time I say “I am not going back unless Steve is with me.”

Most times I’m with someone but I’m not good with relying on others to help take care of my crying or pooping kids.

I’m still streamlining the process and hope by the end of the summer I can get it down; please don’t take that long. If nothing else I will get great leg muscles pulling them back and forth…I HOPE!

Stay tuned as we struggle our way to life on the beach!

Any tips or tricks please share!


9 thoughts on “The Beach WILL NOT Defeat ME!

  1. Thank you for linking up with us. I love this post. I feel like the hardest part of all the work is the prep, making sure you don’t forget anything and you have everything for not just yourself but for the family. A mothers job is never done :).

  2. I’m exhausted just reading this! You are very organized, but a trip to the beach (or for us, the pool) is not an easy one. I did a happy dance the day my kids became responsible for their own beach bag, but you have awhile before that happens…

  3. How do you keep the littles from running in to the ocean? I want to go but I am so nervous! I also have an 8 yo and 6 yo

    • Actually the water was so cold they didn’t enjoy the temps of it. They did enjoy running to it and then away before it got them. I’ve never experienced any of my kids or nieces or nephews (15) running into it without someone. Most of them have at one time darted in and got knocked over and never again. you might just have to let them fall once to realize not to run in without someones hand. The ocean is so much scarier than the pool to a child. It’s loud! And its not like a pool where they can fall in so it’s easier to grab them. I’m scared these babies just might start to do that once they get used to it. But honestly I think you should go for it, give it a shot and if it doesn’t work then leave but if it works then it will be so fun!

  4. We are going on vacation in a couple weeks and I’ve been trying to decide what to bring! Thank you for posting this 🙂 Are those thirty one bags in your pictures? If so, is that the Large Utility Tote or the Deluxe Utility Tote? I want to make sure if I order one it’s big enough for all of the stuff we need!

    • HI! Thanks for commenting! It is the large tote but when I original ordered it they didn’t offer the deluxe that I recall. They also have a cover now which would be helpful. HAVE a blast!!!

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