The Boring Days of Fall

I haven’t been a part of my girl, Greta’s, ippp link up for a while and I miss her!  This post is just a bunch of random shots from the last few weeks of the fun…or lack thereof, that the girls and I have been having….or not.
I hope you enjoy bad photos because I have a bunch below!
Welcoming us into October were some beautiful trees on campus…
fall trees in red
BUT with this beauty comes the mad push of ALL the holiday seasons….
Christmas in October
That really annoyed me and continues to annoy me.  Please let us enjoy each holiday before shoving the next one down our throat.  After all notice the girls outfits?  These decorations are our stores while we are still doing this…
child falling on snd castle
Usually by this point in October we have hit at least 4 pumpkin patches but this year none.  Not a single one.  Thank God they were at the farm with their Aunt Kate who spoiled them with pumpkins.  Look at the size of that sucker!
HUGE pumpkin kid rolling on oversized pumpkin
We pulled down the boxes of Halloween stuff and painstakingly made a box for all the costumes that needed to be donated.
Trying to stay busy but failing miserably we’ve taken to being outside whether it’s collecting leaves on my belly…..
pregnant belly as a table
Or painting my nails with pumpkin bubbles followed by some sparkler dots…. sparkler nail polish bubble nail polish
Why not drive up and down the driveway unbuckled?  They certainly love it.
Perhaps a careful game of balancing across the unsteady pile of stacked wood…. kid climbig wood
Or even a little ballerina scaling the walls downtown after ballet class.  (This upsets me because I had so many cute  pictures and accidentally deleted them, booo!) ballerina scaling wall
But when all this falls short of fun there is always a strong game of wrestling with Daddy and the doggies. kids wrstling daddy and dogs
I’m running short on activities to keep them happy but let the countdown begin; only 10 more weeks until this family of 4 is a family of 6!
How do you keep your kids busy when you have ZERO energy?

23 thoughts on “The Boring Days of Fall

  1. I live in a small town and there are no Christmas things for sale at the store yet – probably because we have the smallest Walmart in Canada and there is only room for the Halloween stuff now… Which is as it should be, it annoys me as well to have Christmas shoved down my throat before November 🙂

  2. love the ballerina picture and the girls at the beach! so much for bad pictures 🙂 enjoy these few boring weeks of fall – sounds like you could use a couple before things get busy 🙂

  3. I hate walking into a store and hear Christmas music before Halloween has fully sailed out the door. Why oh why? Love the belly picture with the leaves. Almost made it now…

  4. I didn’t see any bad pictures, they were all great! Love your creative girls, they can have fun anywhere 🙂 And I’m rolling laughing at the painting the nails picture….did she get in trouble since the whole bottle spilled on your blanket?!?! HAHAHA

  5. Gorgeous, all of it. And I LOVE that they still get to play at the beach in the sea and be warm 🙂 And the nail painting. And the leaves on your belly 🙂 Awesome stuff.

  6. That is one HUGE pumpkin!! I love your photos..especially of your cute little ballerina scaling the walls.
    I remember being pregnant and having no energy to entertain the other kids…hope those last few weeks go quickly for you!!
    P.S. I completely agree about the finishing one holiday before getting decorations out for the next.

  7. I loved catching up with you with these pictures – looks like you actually have had some fun! I hate the Christmas and Halloween stuff in stores – starting in July. It’s ridiculous! Love the ballerina on the wall picture. I hope that bubble manicure lasted 🙂

  8. I love hearing from you. Look at your beautiful belly. How exciting. And I am sooo very intrigued with that pumpkin. It’s been my fantasy to grow my own. I need to talk (email) with Aunt Kate. Maybe next year I can have a teensy one. That one is a beauty!

  9. That pumpkin is ENORMOUS! Did you leave it in the driveway (because I would have)? And then the series of pictures that gave me heart palpitations. HA. At least, while climbing the wood, she’s wearing a helmet? 😀 But your sweater? So cozy and cute! I had a little bit of weather confusion in this post, between the swimsuits and the lap blanket. Must be October! We missed you, too, girl!

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