The Ice-Cream Incident That Broke my Heart

There are very few moments that L complains about living the dairy-free life.

When we are at a party and kids are having cake she is totally fine with the treats I bring.  When H is enjoying some yogurt she hardly flinches.  Even pizza, which is a family favorite, she is totally down with cheeseless.

However ice cream still tugs at her heart.  I can totally understand why.  It is so creamy, cold and delicious!  There really isn’t a good substitute that we have found but I have researched a few homemade recipes that sound really good.

One particular afternoon, when the Californians were visiting, we were on the board walk and everyone (not me) got ice-cream.  L and I got Italian Ice, and it was good but it still wasn’t ice-cream.

As we all sat on a bench and started people watching, serious freaks visit this area, I looked over and L was an entire bench away.

I went to sit with her and find out why she wasn’t with us.

L, with tears in her eyes: I don’t want to sit with the ice-cream people.

It sucks to say that she has to learn to deal with it but I still feel so heart broken for her.  I better get on that homemade recipe asap!

Dairy Free on th Bench

6 thoughts on “The Ice-Cream Incident That Broke my Heart

  1. Awwww- that breaks my heart too. Poor little L. Give her a big hug from me!!! Tell her “Aunt Kerri” loves her very much!!!

  2. I am so sorry and I feel your pain as a mom. Dino can eat cheese, but no other forms of dairy, it’s hard when every one else around you is eating icecream, yogurt, or you want milk in a restaurant and they don’t have the milk you want. (((HUGS))) to L.

  3. Try putting fresh banana slices in a freezer bag and freezing until solid, then put into food processor and blend until smooth (at this point you can also add some of her special yogurt though it isn’t necessary). The end result is VERY similar to ice cream. Worth a try and no dairy is a plus.

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