The Little Things in Kure

My lovely buddy, Kim at Little by Little, is on her way to Peru!!! How exciting!  I had to honor her by finally joining in her blog hop after months of mind-boggling craziness.  I hope she has a wonderful AND SAFE time!

After Steve’s grandmother passed away earlier this year we really wanted to make sure that the girls got to meet and know everyone on both sides of the family.  His other grandmother, who lives in North Carolina, hasn’t seen the girls in three years so we made a trip to visit her a few weeks ago.

We are so happy we did.  His Aunt said she hasn’t seen GG (great grandma) smile and so alive in months!  She got right out of her bed, came over and had lunch with us and enjoyed chatting away with the girls.  She is seriously the cutest little lady but won’t wear her hearing aid so we had to yell a lot but the love was there and she felt it.

I wish we could get back down there once the newbies are born but I don’t know how practical that is.  I hope my kids take as great of care of me as Aunt Terry does of her.  It is unfortunate because GG has a handful of grandkids and great grandkids but no one bothers to visit.  The drive is long but it’s an easy drive and where they live is gorgeous!!!

While there we were absolutely spoiled.  We collected beautiful seashells that look, surprisingly different, from the ones we find on the Eastern Shore.  We went to the pool every day which is funny because we were surrounded by wonderful beaches but we live near a beach so the girls didn’t want that, they wanted the pool.  Yes, we are the only family that goes on vacation to go to a pool!

We also went to the local carnival and aquarium.  Neither the girls nor Steve have ever been to one so this was a super special treat.  I hate to say especially for me but it was.  I LOVE watching the excitement in first timers.  I told Steve as beautiful as the Kure Aquarium is, the Baltimore one is much more incredible so we are planning a trip there soon.

I have a few photos to share from our trip and these are truly the little things that make life grand!

This first photo is of Steve.  We like to make him pose by statues in compromising positions.  The girls certainly giggled at this one: crocodile eating man

The girls thought holding hands like this to navigate through the parking lot was way more fun than mommy just yanking them along:generations of hand holding

It took the girls some time to warm up to GG and in the photo below H is teaching her how to scroll through Daddy’s tablet looking at pictures: learnig technlogy from great granddaughter

And THIS is, by far, my favorite.  I could not yell loud enough to get her to move her hands but her happiness and joy as Steve chucked the girls in the air is all over that face! happy great grandma

Thanks for the wonderful vacation Aunt Terry and Uncle Don!   We can’t wait to visit again!  We love you all very much especially that cute little GG!

Little by Little

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  1. I’m glad you all had such a good time. I know for sure it wasn’t hard for you to yell so GG could hear because you were raised by the loudest family on earth. O’Hora/O’Donnell

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