The Low Levels of Parenting

My parenting has stooped to a whole new level.  Even so I still classify myself has a very good mother.  I typically follow through with my “threats” or punishments and I try very hard not to make them unrealistic.  For instance I don’t drive all the way to VA (three hour trip) just to say, “If you don’t stop fighting we are going home.”  I’m not naming names; I don’t like to point the finger but as a clue his name is Steve.

Same goes for things like “clean that up or your go to your room all day.”  Really?  It’s only 9:00 am.  Steve has that in common with my Mother.  She would say unrealistic things like, “watch your mouth or I’ll rip that tongue out.”  However with her I was actually afraid she would. (For the record my mother is amazing).

The meanest thing I’ve done was on a very ferocious day of whining and fighting amongst the girls I told them if they didn’t stop I would not get them a donut at Dunkin Donuts, they call bagels donuts which is going to be confusing as they get older.

Anyway I drove all the way to DD, ordered my coffee and drove off.  Once the crying stopped when they realized I didn’t buy them anything, I didn’t have an issue from them for the rest of the day.  Don’t get me wrong I crack with the sweetness of their face when they tell me they are sorry but for the most part I try to hold my own.

Cleaning up their toys has always been an issue.  Like most kids they have too many so the punishment of me actually packing up trash bags full of stuff loses its power after an hour when they realize they still have an entire room full of goodies that was masked by all the crap they hadn’t put away.

Now I have this little reminder…

I show them often and say if you don’t want your toys to look like this; a product of the dogs then put them AWAY!

Gotta tell ya it looks creepy and although I have to show them their precious little Barbie all busted up in a glass vase, they will pick up their toys.

What’s your best parenting trick?

8 thoughts on “The Low Levels of Parenting

  1. Via a very good friend, to get my little monster to clean up his mess I tell him that the “Toy Fairy” visits every night, and sometimes when we leave the house, and whatever is not picked up or put away is taken for good. This has worked infinitely better than the garbage threat! I also make it a race most nights, since my son is ÜBER-competitive…that drive in him gets him moving fast, especially when I inform him that Mommy and Daddy are winning! Lol 🙂

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