Have you Seen a Prettier Diaper Bag on the Market

Vilah Bloom ReviewLet’s talk diaper bags. Every lady loves bags! It’s part of her wardrobe.

Every woman has at least five bags in her closet. I have at least thirty-five. And yes, like shoes, they are all necessary to keep, even the ones that might look identical in my husband’s eyes.

I had at least seven diaper bags when the bigs were born that ranged in price from $20 to $250.

As a twin mom you need to have a bigger bag without getting too big. I found that shallow and long are better because you didn’t have to dig.

As the girls got older I was sick of toting around a “diaper” bag so I started carrying an oversized bag and adding lots of mini bags inside.

Then I met this gem.

The Vilah Bloom Harbor Side Tote diaper bag.

The ultimate in diaper bag beauty. It reminds me of classic New England on the water. Their colors are gorgeous in hues of blues, greens and reds with detachable straps to use as a tote or messenger style.

It coordinates with every outfit for a classy look, even my jeans at the pumpkin patch! Vilah Bloom Review Vilah Bloom Review Vilah Bloom ReviewI met the beautiful brain behind this bag at the ABC Show in Vegas and absolutely fell in love with her entire family.

I’m not the only one who caught on to their talent. They won the highly coveted  PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) award for the, not yet released, Sail Away Satchel.

Ugh this bag makes my heart skip. Just look at it!!!!

Vilah Bloom Diaper BagEven the Robby dolls were in aw.

Robby Dolls Take on VegasAs with many parents, my double stroller is my life savior. Without it I would be very limited to where I could go and what I could do.

All Vilah bloom bags have straps that hook around the stroller handle! BRILLIANT! I use this feature on grocery store carts as well. Vilah Bloom Diaper Bag Vilah Bloom Diaper BagSorry but I HAD to post some close up of the gorgeous detail Vilah Bloom added to their bags. There is absolutely no detail that is compromised. Absolutely gorgeous!

Vilah Bloom ReviewVilah Bloom ReviewThe interior includes four wide pockets (perfect for a change of clothes, small books and snacks) and two side pockets for water or baby bottles. Included is a matching changing pad nicely tucked in a pocket and a hook for keys or a pacifier. The top also zippers closed nicely.Vilah Bloom ReviewVilah Bloom ReviewAbove is the view when the wipes flap is closed, with a magnetic closure non-the-less, so the wipes don’t dry out. And Below is the view when the flap is open. Vilah Bloom Review Vilah Bloom Diaper Bag The Harbor Side Tote isn’t big enough to be marketed as a twin bag BUT they have some gorgeous larger bags, including a back pack, coming out in 2016 that I can’t wait to get my hands on (fingers crossed).

Take a moment and give this fabulous family some love at their Facebook page and Instagram page. Even if you don’t need a new bag their photos are priceless!

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**The Harbor Side Tote retails for about $130. While I was not paid for this review I was given a bag to test. As with all my reviews the opinions are strictly my own.


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